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Decision-Making.... late arrival

The thread about Men and decision making was fun to read, even if I missed it at the time because of kayaking, a short trip to some outer islands. Seemed to run the risk of turning into individual pet "love to hate that" type of rantings and ravings though, and not only along gender lines...

Somebody even seems to hate Engineers! :D What next?

There was however the theme of Group Dynamics that is worth some further comment, IMnsHO. Wayne posted the following:
Posted By: Wayne Smith
Date: Friday, 24 August 2001, at 2:15 p.m. ....snip....
The best a leader can do is encourage everyone to speak up, and look for signs that someone is holding back a concern or a doubt. It isn't easy, and as you say, it doesn't always work. That's what makes it such an issue.
There is actually a technique, or call it a trick if you will, that can make this a bit easier.

One starts out by agreeing that at decision time one first has a round of opinions when everyone is required to say theirs. This round starts with the least experienced and goes up the pecking order until the leader expresses his view after all others.

This way the authority of the top guns will not silence the weaker ones and if these should have something of value to contribute (quite a real possibility in my view) the leaders will have the chance to note it and integrate it, since they have not already locked themselves into positions by speaking first.

That is, the experienced ones can thus accomodate the views or worries of the weak and the inexperienced without loss of face, since they only speak after the others.

Note that this is only "technique", a tool one can use. The trouble with it of course is that the leaders must be able to listen, and hold their tongue until their turn arrives... not an easy thing for everyone :)