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Whitewater gripe

The thougth of whitewater kayaking really leaves me cold. Infact any freshwater kayaking save some exotic locales, leaves me a little "ho hum". Im a saltwater dog plain and simple. There is something tho that the whitewater camp does that mystifies me however, and I cant believe the lack of salinity in there water is a factor...

Whenever I look through something like CANOE & KAYAK magazine and I see all those "ho hum" whitewater ads, this one particular shot always persisits to show up no matter what issue you pick up...

I think they call it an "endo". Countless ads and aticles have the kaykaer with the bow of his kayak submerged and the stern pointing straight up in the air. OK... so they did something to bob around like a cork in roiling water.
And????? So??????? And always, everytime you can bet the kayaker has the head looking over his shoulder. The heads cocked left or right and the paddles level about mid abdomen. So what??? Can we move on already???????

What am I missing here? Why do they always show this dumb shot? Is this a skillfully executed maneuver? If so, whats the point? Ill bet you could pull it off in a sea kayak in horrific surf, but that doesnt mean i want to see it every other photo. Or at all.

[late at night, tired and irritable]

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