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Re: Swimming skills
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I think it's a bad idea, but like Don, I'd try it in some friendly, protected water first.

If he's just a non-swimmer, and doesn't know how to stroke enough to swim across a bathtub, but is comfortable in water, floating, and with a little water up the nose, then he'll probably do just fine.

If he's deathly afraid of being in water, and gets terrified at the thought of getting his face wet, I wouldn't take him boating on a huge bet.

Swimming is a reasonable prerequisite. You don't need to be a championship swimmer (I'm slow as hell, but comfortable swimming), but it's foolish to circumvent some of the basic steps for the pleasure of going boating.


: One of my co-workers wants to go sea kyaking in a marsh on the Maine coast.
: He does not know how to swim, so my first instinct was to say NO. Is
: swimming a reasonable pre-requisite, or can he rely on his pfd?

: Thanks,
: Tom