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Re: Swimming skills
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I agree with your response especially getting use to swimming with your paddle. As I posted in a previous thread using your paddle for your swimming stroke not only allows you to swim faster and stronger but the flotation of the paddle keeps your head out of the water.


: I responded to this thread before reading the other posts, now that I have
: read them, I must DISAGREE strongly. A non-swimmer has no business being
: in, on or around the water. He or she is just playing dice with their
: life. In fact, I am somewhat bewildered by the question, and very glad you
: asked. Don't even THINK about it. 2-3 months of swimming lessons will make
: a profound difference. Included in swimming lessons should be training in
: mouth to mouth respiration, clearance of airways, a basic knowledge of
: circulation and breathing anatomy and physiology, a basic knowledge of
: hypothermia, and as I mentioned before, a basic knowledge of how to
: perform rescues of incapacitated swimmers. All kayakers must know the
: basic HELP position, how to tread water, front crawl with head in and out
: of the water, and at least 1 resting stroke such as the breast stroke,
: side stroke or back stroke to conserve energy. These fundamentals should
: eventually include practise at swimming with a paddle, use of fins, mask
: and snorkel. The very thought of a kayaking without swimming skills is the
: height of bad judgement.