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Tom, will he be dressed for being in the water and in the company of people that can rescue him knowing his capacities? There's a lot left out of the picture you give. A solo paddler in dangerously cold water? if,if, if, if, etc. If he's paddling in protected waters but does't know how to self-rescue he'll be like me and a lot of other people in the first few times paddling while balancing the risks, based on ignorance. In a very stable kayak, on very protected water, wearing a pfd, in water he can stand up in, sounds ok to me.
But if he's going to be IN water then knowing how to swim would be a natural thing to learn along with all the rescues one learns hanging out outside the kayak. Wouldn't make sense to not learn, just like it wouldn't make sense to not learn how to brace when paddling in breaking waves.