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Re: Swimming skills
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Good point. I tried to qualify the situation, but left out a few key facts. The marsh is very protected but has one place where the currents are strong only at high tide. He went last night at low tide and thankfully had no mishaps. The temperature at the Portland buoy was 61F. He is very comfortable in water and has been water skiing and canoeing. He can propel himself with the pfd on. He went with a kayaker with some skills such as reasonably good paddling form, and a conservative attitude, but without skills like a roll or self rescue. I don't think they discussed or practiced any type of assisted rescue. The more important issue is perhaps recognizing what could happen and to make a prioritized list of what skills are needed to get back to a safe condition.

In reading the posts, I was unsure about one point. Is there ever a time that one should abandon their pfd and swim?