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Re:oops, double negatives
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I meant to say "wouldn't it make sense to learn...braces, rescues"

The more important issue is perhaps
: recognizing what could happen and to make a prioritized list of what
: skills are needed to get back to a safe condition.

: In reading the posts, I was unsure about one point. Is there ever a time that
: one should abandon their pfd and swim?

I hope he has been in that 61 degree water for the time it takes to do a rescue before his fellow paddler discovers what it's like to rescue him, untill that point, like I said he's like a lot of other first time paddlers that are making assumptions. Without immersion protection I'm guessing he'll be out of the picture if he's in the water for a stretch of time (1/2hr?) where he's learning rescues real-time in conditions that might dump him. Distance from shore and temperature of the water isn't the issue, it's judgement and assumptions. Hopefully his assumptions won't have to be tested by his friend. I'm sure he'll survive his learning curve but it feels like riding a motorcycle on a rainy day. Does he have to?

This is an interesting dialog, is there a time for abandoning a pfd and swimming? NO, I mean not unless you are hooked to a propeller that is pulling you into it like a Dudley Do Right cartoon. In his case never. There are pfds that don't severely resctrict swimming but this is along the lines of "is there a time to release your seatbelt while a crash occurs in front of you on the freeway."