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Re: Maybe a little off the Mark
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I don't call David's post Way off the mark.

By the time someone has gone through proper training in rescue techniques, they're just about swimming anyway. It is a water sport, you will get wet.

: I think you're way off the mark on this. Using proper safety equipment and
: with proper training in rescue techniques, there is no reason a
: non-swimmer cannot kayak safely.

It's irresponsible and arrogant to say flat out that no swimming skills are necessary for safe kayaking. (which you're pretty much saying by refuting that the necessity of swimming skills is way off the mark)

Is it possible? Sure. Is it safe? Sure--it can be. Is it as safe as a kayaker who also has good swimming skills? Absolutely not. You're really increasing the odds that consequences of a risk could become deadly serious.

I respect your opinion that kayaking can be done safely without swimming skills, and to a certain point, it can. However, kayaking can never, ever be approached as safely by a kayaker without swimming skills, as with a kayaker with even marginal swimming skills.