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Mark who? Hi David

OK guys. I listened quietly just about as long as my blood pressure will tolerate. Just a couple of quick points and I'll switch back to lurking mode.

Only fools and madmen would consciously put themselves and the mercy of any piece of manufactured equipment rather than develop a skill that would offer protection from the hazard.

Boats are suppose to float right? But conditions can develop that limit a less-than-experienced paddler's ability to stay upright in some kayaks. This guy could very easily become a swimmer, whether he knows how to swim or not.

How often to you see someone wearing a too-loose PFD? Or one that is not zippered or, heaven forbid, stowed in the read hatch? If these people can't swim, then they are taking their lives into their hands. A too-loose PFD will not support a non-swimmer.

An expert paddler does not need to know how to swim, or even roll for that matter. But how will a new paddler become proficient at this sport without the ability to stay alive long enough to become an expert?

Personally I'm for freedom of choice. We are all free to live or die as we see fit. If this friend want to die in (or out of) a kayak, then that is his right. If you want to assit him in his efforts and you can live with that, that's fine with me too. I just choose a different stand. I don't paddle with anyone that can't swim 50 yrds to their boat and then perform a deep-water self-rescue. But hey, that's me. You all know how rigid I can be. But this is the choice I make so I can sleep at night. If you can sleep at night having made other choices, I'm happy for you and happy for us all.

Enough talking! Let's get wet !