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Watch Way You Going !

Hey guy's,

I bet you are trying to figure out what the subject line is about, right?

Well, on Nov.11 (Rememberance Day) I was touring the Vancouver Mountain Equipment Co-Op. I go in there and wander around in a daze, dreaming of what I would do if I was rich.

The girlfriend was over in the cycling department (I haven't gotten to this sport yet.) and so I was browsing in the techno-weenie gadget area, when I looked into a display case and couldn't believe my eyes! In there was a the most amazing little trinket that I had ever seen! One part of me said, "I've gotta have it!", while another part said, "It's just a gimmick, impractical, WALK AWAY!".

So I stood there and stared at it. Then I went and got the girlfriend and dragged her over to look at it. After all she is the ultimate techno-weenie (She calls it riding the cutting edge of technology!) and I figured she would have something to say about it. She looks at it. Says, "That's nice, lets go look at the books." (By the way Nick's book is there and it is only $26.00 Can.)

Well, I am baffled!!! I look from her, back to the gadget and back to her again. I say, "No, no look at that!", thinking that she was obviously looking at the wrong gadget! She says, "I saw it, I'll be at the books."

What can I do? I follow her to the book department!!

So,the greatest advance in techno weenie gadgetry since the mini espresso maker sits, in a display case in the Mountain Equipment Co-op in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm....., Ian

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