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Lock and Load - (Long) - A Simple Change of Heart

I know we have a thread on this, but on this night, when our 18-25 year olds are saying good bye to their wives and children, departing on the warships toward the Gulf, I feel so honored by their protection, and by their selfless loyalty to principle. We stay home, watch CNN and pray for peace, our brothers and sisters are putting it on the line in a way most of us will never imagine.

I am now aware that the Taliban are routinely executing women and gays in a large public stadium that was donated by the international community to be for football. Mothers who attempt to gain employment to feed their children are executed, frequently in front of their children. Hangings and public executions are commonplace, the world has largely ignored their plight. Gone is the moderate Islam, the love of God, and in its place is a hideous regime, which carries out an entire holocaust of the Afghani citizens who have lived in peace for centuries in that mountainous terrain. They are an evil regime, who, in the name of human dignity, must be brought down, even without bin Laden, this repressive regime has done unspeakable acts to children and women especially.

I must also say to my Canadian fellow citizens, who waft and wane about whether we should be involved, drawing on abtruse pseudo-sociological discourse; I stand with my American brothers and sisters; evil will not depart by having us hide under the carpet. Sadly, we are at war, and I urge fellow Canadians to depart from our usual indecisiveness and realize that the US is the only country with the guts to stand up to these tyrants. The Palestinians must also be given a homeland, and our Western foreign policies must yield also to reduce the Islamic anti-Americanism. In short, we all have a lot of house-cleaning to do, as a part of this process of easing a world out of touch with itself.

I have read the Koran on Jihad, Jihad means internal spiritual battle, to overcome your own pride and darkness, to defeat the forces of darkness inside the self. The physical Jihad is only used when someone is literally tearing down your home and temple. Martyrdom is only achieved in Islam, when you are teaching children or tending to the sick, or praying at the moment of death, then you are protected and are blessed. There is no legitimate interpretation of the Koran which descibes Jihad as a physical struggle to protect your faith from corruption.

We owe it to these men and women, who tonight, are sitting at a small bunk, or monitoring some difficult duty aboard the bridge. Who miss their spouses already, only hours into their ordeal. God give them the strength to carry on, and let us support them in every way possible from home.

Damned, we are at war. There will only be one winner who walks away from this battle, and it may not necessarily be us. No fate is sealed, everything depends on a radical change in thinking toward tolerance, felt throughout the world. It is absurd if we stop and realize that if everyone could change their beliefs at one moment, to see us as one extended family, that none of this would be necessary. One simple change of heart.