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Surf Kayaks

I have always paddled in the surf with either a short sea kayak (looksha sport)
or for pure surf play, a white water boat (Wavesport Z). After following some
of the surf discussions in this group, I've decided the time has come for me
to buy a specialized surf boat.

Where can you go to buy a surf boat? Any kayak shops around the puget sound
carry them? Any kayak shops around here rent them so i can give one a try?

I am a strong but heavy paddler (5'8" 230 pounds). Any of you surf-boat
experts out there have a particular boat you'd recommend? This recommendation
could be particularly important to me if I can't find a place to let me paddle
the boat before I buy.

Surf boats have fins. How do you launch the boat without damaging the fins?
The normal technique of getting in the boat at the waters edge and scooting
across the sand would damage the fins, wouldn't it?

Thank you,