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Philosophical Question

Hi All,

I mention in a post to Pamela that my pet peeve was people who take cell phones into the wilderness. This led me to start thinking (always a dangerous thing) which in turn led me to a new question;

When is kayaking no longer kayaking?

We go out in a boat designed 4000 years ago just like the Innuit did but that is where the similarity basically ends. Now we have GPS, VHF radios, EPIRB, goretex, kevlar, neoprene, electric pumps, cell phones, etc.

Where in this do we finally admit that what we are doing is drastically different than what the Innuit considered kayaking?

Don't say that if the Innuit were still using kayaks to hunt food they would use these tools also. This is not true. The Innuit still do hunt their food and they have not improved the kayak, they switched to powerboats and snowmobiles.

Should we have a different name for what we do or do we still consider what we do kayaking?