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Sea Knife 17 info?

An acquaintance just bought a Sea Knife 17, a new kayak made in Newfoundland. He proposes to paddle it alone on the ocean near his cottage in Nfld.. He has never paddled before. I'd like to keep him out of Deep Trouble, so I'm lobbying hard for instruction, safety equipment and safety buddies before he goes out solo on the Atlantic.

I'm also trying to find out whether this boat is right for a beginner. It's a 16'6" x 23-1/2" fiberglas expedition boat, described by the manufacturer as sharp-chined, very stable and fast with good tracking, made specifically for the Nfld. conditions. I've never heard of the boat before and can't find any independent reviews. Has anyone here paddled the Sea Knife 17 and if so, what would you tell a complete beginner about it?


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Sea Knife 17 info?
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Its the paddler, not the boat *NM*
Alas, both can be "dogs" :( (vuf, vuf!) *NM*
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