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Any opinion on Sosltice GTSH ocean kayak?

I'm cosidering to buy used (2 yrs) kevlar ocean kayak, price is about 60% of a new kevlar one. Length 17.7 ft, width 22", depth 14.5", 48 lbs. Solstice GTSH is, if I remember, 1999-2000 year model by Current Designs. The place is far from the water (not to mention North-Pacific October), and I have some performance concerns, especially stability - for this hull is only 22" wide. 22" is about the minimum width for ocean kayaks, and 14.5 seems to be unusually deep (most singles are 12-13 deep, and I feel quite comfortable in 12'-hulls with my 150 lb on day-trips). My common-sense tells me, that the deeper is hull - the higher is deck and wind resistance, or, if the seat is higher - you feel like going to flip over :-).

Intended usage - weekend or day-trips in NorthWest Pacific shore (Vancouver, Canada).
Thanks in advance for any response.

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Any opinion on Sosltice GTSH ocean kayak?
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Re: Yes, it's an H-volume version of GTS