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I use a Garmin 725 but whether it is the best radio will be open to a lot of debate. It has worked fine for me. My only advice is no matter what radio you get, whether it is rated waterproof or not, you put it in a waterproof bag. I use an AquaPac soft case for mine.


: For many years I have kayaked down big rivers, little rivers, lakes, even
: ponds. I have paddled around the Chesapeake Bay and East coast, but always
: stayed close to the shore. Now I'm going to get adventurous and I will be
: venturing much further from shore in the ocean where ships and pleasure
: boats prey on small kayaks. I posted a discussion about radar reflectors
: and got mixed responses. Is there an electronic version of a radar
: reflector that does not have to be mounted up high in order to work? Maybe
: something like a personal EPIRB, but that works like a radar reflector?
: Also any thoughts on the best waterproof handheld? Garmin VHF725?