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Re: Open water safety
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: Now I'm going to get adventurous and I will be
: venturing much further from shore in the ocean where ships and pleasure
: boats prey on small kayaks. I posted a discussion about radar reflectors
: and got mixed responses. Is there an electronic version of a radar
: reflector that does not have to be mounted up high in order to work? Maybe
: something like a personal EPIRB, but that works like a radar reflector?
: Also any thoughts on the best waterproof handheld? Garmin VHF725?

Ships are not going to get out of the way for you. They almost always have the right of way. Sounds like YOU need a radar so YOU can get out of the way of the ships... or better... why not stay out of the shipping lanes altogether... that's the safest bet. As for EPIRB... don't even think that way. Turn on an EPIRB in a non-emergency and be ready to pay some very stiff fines. EPIRB's are last ditch emergency beacons designed to save lives at sea. They are not navigational devices.

As I have said in several other posts on this topic... the Garmin 725 is not submersible. Read the online manual on the Garmin website. The internals are sealed but the battery compartment is NOT sealed. If you dunk it... it must be dried out. Try a Standard Horizon, Raytheon or Apelco submersible VHF. These radios will actually function underwater. That's what you want... works when wet.

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