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Re: Open water safety
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: Ships are not going to get out of the way for you. They almost always have
: the right of way. Sounds like YOU need a radar so YOU can get out of the
: way of the ships... or better... why not stay out of the shipping lanes
: altogether... that's the safest bet.

OK, here comes another philosophical debate. Stop reading now if you aren't
up for one of these.

I don't agree with this "avoid danger" attitude that underscores much of the
saftey discusions in kayaking. I much prefer an attitude of "learn to deal
with it 'cause if you paddle enough, you will need to".

If you do a lot of paddling around the world, you will eventually need to deal
with shipping channels. I can practically gaurantee it. You can fanatically
avoid them, but then you won't be prepared for that eventual day when you just
have to cross one.

I think its much better to learn how to deal with shipping channels. With the
right training, its easy to avoid traffic in a shipping channel. It requires
that you assume you are invisible and that you track the traffic to avoid
collision. When combined with a VHF radio for emergencies, you can safely
paddle in crowded shipping channels.