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Re: Collision Avoidance
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: Brianne is right. Don't go to sea thinking of how to keep other ships from
: running you over. Go to sea once you've learned how to stay well out of
: their way.

Sometimes you have to cross shipping lanes. Maybe you can't avoid it, but you have to do it on the big boys' terms. Not only because they are a helluva lot bigger than us, but also because it's the law. You're absolutely right about "stay well out of their way." They don't have time to stop to avoid running over a kayaker, or choosing between running you down and running a billion dollar freighter aground. They're going to run you down. Not that they're not going to feel bad...which is why we need to learn to avoid commercial traffic.

:Kayakers generaly are drawn to different parts of the ocean
: than the commercial guys anyway. See where they are and then go somewhere
: else.

Like Tim says, you eventually will need to deal with it, rather than avoid it.

But you can use a VHF to hail that freighter on the horizon to find out how fast they're going, and see if you have time to cross that shipping lane. They'll probably tell you "no" but will definitely appreciate that you asked, rather than just darting across, or even seeing you on the boundary and wondering if you're possibly going to be dumb and dart out in front of them.

It's still the recreational traffic that scares me most.