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Re: Collision Avoidance
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A VHF is an invaluable asset when crossing a major channel. There was an incident that made me buy one:

I was paddling with a large group from Fishers Island, NY back to Groton, CT. About a 3 1/2 mile crossing, and you cross a major channel that is about a mile wide. One of our group was paddling ahead of the main body of the group, with two other paddlers, one of whom is legally blind without her glasses. The seas were about 2 1/2 feet, and because of spray, she had taken her glasses off, and was following the yellow shadow of the kayak in front of her. I have no idea why the third paddler wasn't aware of his situation.

Problem is, the guy paddling the yellow kayak has a tendency to space out, and not pay attention. Another paddler and I saw the unfolding situation from about a mile back --- three kayaks and a ferry apparently headed at each other on a collision course, and neither saw the other. Worse yet, I knew the name of the ferry. All we could do was watch as the kayaks were nearly run down. If I had a VHF, I could have called the ferry, and asked that they blow their horn as a warning because I knew the paddlers did not see them.

I went out and bought a VHF, and took a class on how to use it the next week. And I'm not shy about using it at all. Better I annoy someone and stay alive.