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I think you missed my point. Its an important one so I'll try again.

I was not advocating the taking of stupid chances. Walking across an
expressway is stupid and in all liklyhood, you will never need to do so. There
is no need to know how to do it since you will pretty much never need to do

Paddling a kayak across a shipping channel can be done safely if you are
very careful and know how to track the traffic correctly. Furthermore, if you
are a serious kayaker who samples a large variety of waters, chances are very
good that you will need to cross a shipping channel from time to time.

Hence, while I do not see a shipping channel as a place to play, and I do not
believe one should seek them out to "show off", the fact of the matter is a
safe all around paddler should know howto deal with one safely.

I believe this attitude extends across the range of the sport. One should know
how to roll to deal with unexpected and under-dressed capsizes. One should
know how to control their boat with a broken rudder in high winds. Rollers
should practice deep water re-entries with broken paddles. Everyone paddling
in a coastal setting should know how to launch or land safely in the surf.

I could go on and on. The point is, there are hazards that you can easilly
predict will pop up at some point in a typical kayaking career. All I'm saying
is that if your only way to deal with those hazards is to "avoid them", then
you are setting yourself up for deep trouble. The goal should be to know how
to deal with them safely. Then when the time comes that you can't avoid a
particular hazard, you are still safe 'cause you know how to deal with them.

Do you see the difference?