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Re: Channel fever
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My take on this falls between Brianne and Tim. Like Tim, I feel that this is a safety issue that one should pay serious attention to in order to be ready if a channel crossing is imperative. Like Brianne, eliminate the need to make the crossing in the first place, if you can. I like Pamela's point on estimating, but one should start practicing these estimation skills before seriously considering a crossing:

: It's useful when you start crossing shipping channels to start estimating how
: long it will take a ship to go from point A to point B -- and how long it
: takes you to cross the shipping channel. I found I was consistently
: underestimating the speed of oncoming ships, a potentially dangerous
: problem.

Like practicing other aspects of navigation, practice estimating the safe window for crossing. Watch the traffic with an eye on your watch.

Be safe.

Mike H.