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Open water safety - its all up to us yakkers
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"safety" - one of the top magic words, like "rolling" - quaranteed to kick up a lively thread! :)

I'm sad to say I agree with most of the postings above :( - very dull indeed :) . But will add a few thoughts, for what they may be worth.

: I dont think there is a 'radar signal generator', or at least Ive never heard
: of one.

This would in fact be a "radar jamming device", if souped up as some pranksters surely would be quick to do. I should think they'd be illegal to produce and/or sell.

: Dont make the mistake of thinking you'll see a freighter before it becomes a
: problem. If you happen to look, you will see. But even if you do see it,
: thier speed is extremely deceptive.

Right. And in a stiff wind you have that angle where you _never_ look! And you never hear anything from down wind until way too late, either.

: That propwash grabbed a 26' sailboat, and threw her almost on her rail! I was
: more than a little suprized! In the end, the ground I gained put me up
: several places in the fleet though :) Nothing to play around with in a
: kayak, thats for sure.

Don, that propwash grabbed the keel, right ? Not that it wouldn't give a kayak quite a spin also, it does. I've tried that, with a 30.000 tonner (metric), doing 15 knots :D But it _is_ great fun, and if you can roll in a propwash...

: On the open ocean, it's a whole different story. More than once running up
: and down the coast in a sailboat, I'd be on watch and turn around to look,
: and there's a ship a mile or so away. Damn scary, I'll tell you,
: especially at night.

This brings up radar "ranges": A radar can be set up to see objects close by, or only those farther away. In this latter case, a kayak won't show up no matter how many crushed beer cans I have dangling from my erected fishing-pole.

And on open waters, they run on radar; nobody on the brigde will be looking out, let alone with binoculars :).