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I understood your point. Did you understand mine? In your first post you said...

"I think its much better to learn how to deal with shipping channels. With the right training, its easy to avoid traffic in a shipping channel. It requires that you assume you are invisible and that you track the traffic to avoid collision. When combined with a VHF radio for emergencies, you can safely paddle in crowded shipping channels."

My point is that you can NOT safely paddle in crowded shipping lanes. No amount of training or equipment can make this inherently dangerous form of behavior "safe". Yes, you can learn how fast they move and try to estimate time and distance over water etc. etc. etc. But the notion of it being "easy to avoid traffic in a shipping channel" simply leads people to think that you can "safely" paddle around in there. I say you can't. We disagree. As far as Kayak Frogging goes... it is a very dangerous game... even when you think it isn't a game but some other serious business.

Quite frankly, there are ways you can do the training to estimate the movement of big ships without going out into their shipping lanes to do it. If ya have to cross for some legitimate reason, then one would have a set of procedures to follow to try to reduce the considerable risk of the crossing.

One need not execute those procedures in advance in a "live environment"... in the shipping lanes. The object is not high expertise in shipping lane crossings. It ought to be knowledge of the basic procedures for a last resort taken when no other options are open.

I don't need to enter a room full of VX nerve gas to learn how to use a hazmat suit. I can spray some pepper gas and simulate it well enough. There are alternatives which do not expose me to the risk of making a mistake in training that is fatal. I can simulate the hazard well enough without embracing it.

Safe Paddling!