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Re: Kayak Frogger
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I understood your point. I just don't agree with your assertion that it is
inherently unsafe to paddle in a shipping channel.

Let me be perfectly clear for the record:

1. Crowded Shipping channels require a great deal of attention from the paddler
and hence are usually more dangerous than paddling outside the channel.

2. I don't seek out opportunities to paddle in shipping channles. My point
was since they are inevitable, one should know how to deal with them. Of
course, you build the basic skills outside a shipping channel. I never meant
to suggest that paddlers should seek out shipping channels to play and build
the skills required to do it safely.

3. It is possible to be safe in a shipping channel. I'll take a predictable
barge in a shipping channel any day over an erratic pleasure boater outside
the channel.

4. I'm not sure I know what "Kayak frogger" refers to. If you mean playing
in the white water right behind a big boat, that's insane. One of the reasons
I believe its possible to paddle safely in a shipping channel is that the big
boats follow predictable routes and hence its easy to stay away from them. I
will freely play in wakes, but all that nastey white water washing up from
the propeller --- that scares me.