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surf instruction

looking for general convesation on the topic. I took Cal Adventures first course in Chinooks(!) about 9yrs ago, a few years later with Sea Treks in sit-ons. What little I remember started folks playing in the soup learning bracing before heading into waves. In the last two years I've participated and observed two ACA IDW, ICE that had a surf component in the Coastal certification process. The technique for learning bracing /side surfing started with the instructor standing in the soup and holding the students kayak from behind (ocean side of course) at the coaming. This is new to me and seems to complicate a natural learning process between student and the water with another mass holding on to the hull, stabilizing or destabilizing as the case may be. Besides it appears to require a LOT of energy expenditure on the instructors part. Which seems silly when you're twice the age of the person learning. Any thoughts? I'd be curious what others have done learning or teaching. I tell folks that most of their learning is between them and the blade with me providing direction.

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surf instruction
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Agree with Craig