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Too much Instruction? Junkies?

Had a great day surfing yesterday with a young woman who has become one of my best friends. I started teaching her paddling a year ago as a way to help her help herself make better life choices. She wanted to learn, and I agreed to help. Yesterday was her first day in the surf, which although quite small, still managed to flip her a dozen or so times. She rolled up every time! I'm very proud of her, and after a couple of hours she was riding waves, and is totally hooked. But this got me thinking about the folks I know who have become good paddlers very quickly, and their approach. They get good by practice, and regular boating, NOT formal instruction. I often hear people talk of this course or that to go to, even though they have already attended good programs. It's as if they are tallying up diplomas. My clumsily worded point here is simply that I think some people become overly enamored with instruction, when all they really need is time and distance with practice. Believe me, I've turned away business after talking to folks because from what they've told me they already have a good platform of learning from other sources, and simply need to paddle with others. You could probably get good instruction from any number of providers. My philosophy is to make people independant of me, not hook them into some regime. The fastest way to become excellent is simply to paddle with good boaters, and have fun. Put the $ you save toward SURF KAYAKS etc. Get what ya need from wherever is competent and convenient, then get on with it! Safe paddling MH