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Hi all,
I am looking for an another paddler or two to spend some time on the Sea of Cortez this winter. I know the trips section of this site is more appropriate but it seems more people visit the skills site. I will post on both trips and techniques. I post seldom and do not list my e-mail. I know not listing my e-mail is against the rules but I have neither phone or computer at home so use the link at work. For a variety of reasons the link at work is not appropriate to list. Enough on that subject.
A friend and I were looking at paddling from San Felipe (northern Baja) to La Paz (southern Baja) during jan and feb. Through a turn of events he is unable to go so I am making this posting.
I am looking for a kayaker(s), male or female, who are competent paddlers. For the women paddlers on this site let me state up front that I paddle with women paddlers that are both stronger and better kayakers than I am so I have already come to terms with this. By competent I personally mean someone who; has a roll that works in more than placid water, understands what their role is during a rescue, understands their personal safety boundaries, is willing to teach me or learn from me skills that will make the trip easier, is adaptable, is goal oriented only to a point, and has a basic understanding of first aid in the event I get injured. Needless to say a strong foundation in paddling skills is a must. Although I feel I qualify in all the above mentioned categories this will be for you to decide when we talk over the phone.
If you are the type that has to make it from San Felipe to La Paz regardless of the weather conditions this year or the injuries that might occur I am not interested. If you are the type that has to make a certain number of miles per day I am not interested. If you are the type that cannot push yourself when needed I am not interested. If you are not the type that is content to sit on the beach when the wind is blowing and it is not safe to paddle I am not interested. I have a business and prove myself everyday at work and do not need to do so on vacation except when necessary. However, you need to be capable of paddling in conditions that a novice/lower intermediate kayaker would feel threatened in. I am not the best kayaker around but I am competent. I am looking for another(s) that are also competent (or better than competent). Although I am open minded please do not respond if you are the type that carries a ton of gear ( it takes three hours to pack), or is the paddler that piles gear on the top of their deck so rescues are impossible and it all gets washed off in the first storm anyway. I am not saying this is bad or wrong I am just saying I am not interested.
I paddled a bit in Baja in 1986 and perceive the major problems to be; wind, drinking water, cold at night, shade during the day. My spanish is not very good but I have traveled extensively through Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and a bit of Honduras. If you are fluent in spanish all the better, if not - so what.
I personally do not view this trip as life threatening. It will be amazing, beautiful, sometimes hard, sometimes dangerous. There will be wind and sometimes big seas. In certain parts (northern) there will be big tide changes and the current speeds associated with big tide changes. It will sometimes be flat calm. At times we will need to surf into unscouted beaches. There will be true wilderness and great difficulties at times. But it is not the outer coast of the pacific. It is not like paddling around Ice Land or New Zealand. I want to see beauty, have a good time, feel the sun on my body, and share the experience with other people or persons if this works out.
If interested post here and I will contact you via e-mail

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