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For Sale: Inflatable Paddlefloat/Drybag--CHEAP

For Sale: (4) Large Seattle Sports Paddlefloat/drybag.

I had a friend buy some other stuff for me at the seconds sale, but I ended up with a couple of these paddlefloats which I don't need.

Two-chamber inflatable paddlefloat with roll-down webbing top to double as a large drybag. Edges reinforced with heavy nylon. Tiny tear (3/8" long--makes it a 'second') that won't hurt drybag or paddlefloat operation. The pump chamber and entire bottom half of bag is double-walled.

Could also be used in bow or stern for drybag/floatbag.

Never been used We paid $15 apiece--you pay $15 + shipping--(Priority mail is $3.20) I'm not out to make a buck---just trying to find them a "good home"!

Looks like the photo below, but with paddlefloat fill tubes Shawn

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For Sale: Inflatable Paddlefloat/Drybag--CHEAP
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