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Put the round peg in the round hole

My experience indicates that there remains an under served niche composed of Greenland style paddlers looking for more information and programs sensitive to their unique needs. Iíve wondered where I could learn seemingly esoteric Greenland style techniques; for now, this seems limited to a few videos, distant symposia, a few web sites, and of course this board. I hope that a nascent program like Qajaq USA with its proposed BBS and mentoring program can fill this niche. I look forward to a BBS geared exclusively toward Greenland techniques and a mentoring program; Iím sure this organization will shun rigid dogma. Imagine being able to obtain objective stroke critique without having to worry if you brought a flask tea. I donít think enough has been done to get the word out about the joys and benefits of Greenland style paddling; I hope that changes soon. As far as Iím concerned, John Heathís book outlining Greenland technique canít arrive soon enough.