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do not rock the boat

If you paddle with a dry suit in white caps, you will know it is hard to reach down and open a water bottle. I really love my platypus one gallon fastened to the back deck of the boat with a water tube that goes up under my arm and fastens to the pfd with velcro. I can drink with both hands on the paddle. Bungee cords pump the water to you. If the fuzzy rubber hood is too warm to wear on a warm day during a workout, then it is fastened to the back collar of the drysuit with a wire tie. Reday to put on with one hand. And I forgot to thank all the great folks at San Diego kayak club when my wife and I visited out there. It is neat to support your local club and to link up with a club when visiting. Happy paddling! Our 18 year old took the confuser with him to college.