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Kayak & sails - any experinece?

I'm considering sails at folding 16-ft single. Seas around Vancouver (North West Pacific) and, possibly, Baja are sometimes windy. Also, distances more than 15 miles a day a tiresome on paddles, but not under sails. Does anybody have good or bad experience? I guess, sail has to be upwind-capable, and removable outrigger is really necessary (although outrig will hinder paddling - but you can't have everything at once). Here are some results of my research in retailers :-):
1) http://www.feathercraft.com - upwind Genoa sail (allegedly fits double kayak only), or downwind Spinnaker (no autrigger).
2) http://www.pouchboats.com/index.html - upwind Jib+Mainsail, 55 sq.ft (wow!), again, looks like it doesn't fit single, has leeboard (i.e. outrigger).
3) http://www.folbot.com/ - upwind 30 sq.ft Mainsail, steel mast (why on the earth not fiberglass?) or downwind Donno-how-to-call-it-Sail with 2 optional outrigger pontoons. No idea, whether this one is OK for single.

This guy highly praised outrigger pontoon while paddling solo in Baja (ease of getting into and out of surf): http://www.kolumbus.fi/timo.noko/mexico/eng.html

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Kayak & sails - any experinece?
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