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Under deck storage in Sea Kayaks

I use my Sea Kayak in coastal waters, estuaries, rivers and the occasional lake. It's short for a Sea Kayak (14'4") but roomy (I'm 6'2" and heavy). Capable of long days on the water.

Often when I paddle I like access to water bottles, binoculars, and this time of year, neck warmers! I use a small dry bag on deck, but think it might be better to mount some type of storage under the deck between my knees. Easy access and dry. In winter, my deck bag gets bigger for layering, and I would love to get the small, frequent access stuff out of that bag. Small stuff tends to get dragged out with whatever clothes I pull. It never seems to land in the middle of the skirt deck, but immedately tries to drown itself. Can be a problem in rougher waters.

Has anyone done this? What did you use and how did you fasten it? Sometimes I bring my deck bag and put it under my knees, but it seems like it could screw up a wet exit, which I avoid but I definately want to happen smoothly when required.