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Surf Landing

I asked this on paddlewaise, but I'll ask it here as well. When landing on shore with breaking waves, how best do you get out of your kayak? I think there is normally a longer period between waves on the ocean than on the rivers I paddle. Small 6 inch breaking waves on these rivers on the shore often have me falling out of the boat and rolling around in the water.

It seems this is an impossible graceful task when waves are only a few seconds apart. Since putting my dry suit on I've found it almost impossible to get my feet out over the coaming first, and have to lift myself up on to the rear deck. This is usually perfectly timed with a wave crashing over the boat and knocking me over.

The shore often has small rocks. Normally no big deal except after the kayak is flooded and is being dropped on them from the waves. Hasn't happened yet, but there have been close calls.

Any ideas?