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Thru-hull adapters

At the risk of remaining off topic...Sorry, but the bulk of the foot pump thread is already here.

Stopped in to west marine today to look at bilge pumps (didn't have any foot pumps). While there I thought I would go ahead and pick up a thru-hull adapter.

When I bought the 3/4" dia. thru-hull for the Guillemot, I was disappointed that it was very thick walled (constricting the water flow) and very long (to go thru a 2-3 inch deck). The 1" dia thru-hull adapters were no different. Maybe 4-5" long and very thick, constricting the 1" pipe connection down to about 3/4". I thought this was a bit over kill for something that needed to stick through thin fiberglass. Cost was also $8-$9.

I wondered through the plumbing department and found that piece that fits on the bottom of the sink (the drain). Go look at that round silver piece in the bottom of your bathroom sink and you'll know what I mean. This was white plastic, thin walled, stubby (just long enough on the back side to get the hose and a hose clamp on), neoprene gasket, and only $4. Looks like it might be a better thru-hull for a kayak although may need to be replaced every few years from UV deterioration.