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Re: Surfing downwind without skegs

Thanks Nick-

It was a bit more complicated in these particular conditions because it was frequently the case that as my stern was being lifted, my bow was diving into the wave in front of me and under water. Pearling and broaching at the same time...

This is the opposite of the issue I was worried about when I thought of adding a skeg. If it were me on my own, I would always paddle faster, but I was already outpacing everyone and I was trying to stay in touch because it was supposed to be a social group paddle. On days like that I'd rather just paddle faster and get it over with. When I felt I needed the skeg I was worried about keeping up with everyone because I was using corrective strokes rather than a skeg. I'll get better. In the meantime-I'm blaming you! My Night Heron flies through difficult conditions. If it paddled like an Anas Acuta I'd be fine...

Thanks for the input. Hope this thread doesn't die.