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Re: Surfing downwind without skegs

I'm not sure leaning back is instinctive for a lot of people. (Rigid seems to be instinctive for a lot of people...) It is pretty much a requirement for surfing my whitewater boat on standing waves. If you don't, the bow goes under and you're on your lid floating down stream practicing that combat roll. Sometimes you can hold it with the bow under all the way to the coaming and that's kind of fun, but if you're doing that it's probably a wave you should be moving back and forth on the front of and not sitting in one place.

So- Swells? You know i'm on the Great Lakes, right? Swells almost never happen. We get steep waves really close together. Once this summer I got to paddle genuine 3' swells. Almost no wind, no whitecaps, just gentle up and down. Kind of like climbing a hill. It was almost surreal for me.