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Re: freestyle kayak on the ocean?

I've been using an RPM on recent trips - I like that it's similar to the canoe polo boats I'm used to - low volume back and easy to roll - hence the interest in the axiom. Fortunately, there's a lot of boats to choose from in the local clubs so probably best for me to experiment for awhile.

It's actually quite interesting having the chance to try the different paddling environments - over the last few years of getting into this the surprise for me has been just how different they all are. Surfing at the beach is totally different than playing in whitewater - bracing into the wave versus down the running water - totally different. Greenland paddling and rolling is very different again, and polo is my weekly chance for some awesome fun in the pool - it's very energetic and has some great technique in there.

Haven't tried a surf/ocean ski but I do have a wing paddle - can't say I like it in the kayak - have yet to roll up with one.