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Sea Kayak Trips Archive

Colorado paddling *LINK* *Pic*11/2/2003, 1:17 pm
Looking for kayakers (Southern Florida)10/31/2003, 9:24 pm
Where have all the new trip reports gone? *NM*10/31/2003, 12:36 am
The Rebuild is done, see pics in Building Forum *NM*10/31/2003, 12:35 am
Yellowstone Lake10/28/2003, 6:08 pm
Stinky Hastings Lake, a Mean Dog and Heavy Seas *LINK*10/27/2003, 3:22 am
Chaka, Barbie, Mad Max, Nitro, and the Turtle10/26/2003, 4:36 pm
Vanacover Island Tofino opinion10/22/2003, 8:49 pm
San Juan Island Off Season *LINK* *Pic*10/20/2003, 12:11 am
Newfoundland Trip *LINK*10/19/2003, 9:12 pm
Green River Info? Other Southwest Trips?10/19/2003, 12:37 am
OT: posting images and avoiding spam10/16/2003, 1:49 pm
Weekend in Maine *LINK* *Pic*10/13/2003, 11:33 am
Stream10/12/2003, 1:46 pm
Moose, Bison and Windwaves *LINK*10/9/2003, 10:47 pm
Trip pictures *LINK* *Pic*10/7/2003, 10:40 pm
Race - Short Notice *LINK*10/7/2003, 8:59 am
Island Hopping10/5/2003, 6:37 pm
Chatting with Mom and the Mandolin Man10/5/2003, 4:20 am
After Work *LINK*10/4/2003, 7:23 pm
Did it! Hoonah Alaska to Lund, BC paddle and...10/2/2003, 3:38 pm
best in tahoe10/2/2003, 3:23 pm
USS Perception *Pic*10/2/2003, 1:52 pm
Autumn at Islet Lake: A Sightseeing Trip Report *LINK*9/30/2003, 12:13 pm
Bow river: Cochrane to calgary9/28/2003, 11:40 pm
Queen Charlottes9/25/2003, 5:37 pm
New Photos from 24 Hour Attempt *LINK*9/25/2003, 12:02 am
Anybody have info on surge narrows flows9/24/2003, 11:12 pm
Vietnam paddles9/24/2003, 2:46 pm
Another Rescue, a Sturgeon, Hindus, A Fisherman9/23/2003, 10:19 am
More on Lake Michigan9/22/2003, 9:03 pm
Storm Paddling *LINK*9/20/2003, 11:07 pm
Robert Pruden....are you paddling the 24?9/20/2003, 12:09 pm
This one's for you Tig (part 2)9/17/2003, 5:29 pm
ODYSSEY - 60 day trip *LINK*9/17/2003, 2:38 pm
Long Day Trip in the San Juan Islands *LINK* *Pic*9/17/2003, 12:25 pm
L:atest on the Boreal Confluence Trek *LINK*9/17/2003, 3:36 am
Launching Southern Breeze *LINK* *Pic*9/16/2003, 11:14 pm
This STOPPED me in mid paddle... *Pic*9/16/2003, 9:30 pm
Fur Trade Routes of North America/ Robert Pruden9/16/2003, 10:33 am
fire in the sky (well not really) *LINK* *Pic*9/16/2003, 10:04 am
Believing in the Weather Man *LINK*9/15/2003, 12:15 pm
Choppy Wate/Private Channels9/13/2003, 7:48 pm
Cousins, L. John, & L. Mosher Islands... *Pic*9/12/2003, 9:07 pm
Anyone heard from Mike lately?9/12/2003, 6:35 pm
Stewart B. McKinney/Pleasure Beach Paddle9/11/2003, 4:08 pm
A new face *LINK*9/6/2003, 11:57 pm
NEWSPAPER ARTICLE!!9/4/2003, 11:54 am
Northern Pike, Snakes and a Wet T-Shirt Rescue *LINK*9/4/2003, 2:17 am
Funk - Trip Report *LINK*9/2/2003, 9:40 pm
Kayakers paddle around Trinidad9/2/2003, 9:22 am
24 Hour World Record Results and Trip Report *LINK*9/1/2003, 1:40 pm
Paddling in Taiwan9/1/2003, 11:03 am
This one's for you Tig...8/28/2003, 7:33 pm
Canada - Alaska8/28/2003, 9:39 am
Crisp Blue *NM* *LINK*8/25/2003, 6:40 pm
South East Alaskan Kayak Trips *LINK*8/25/2003, 6:34 pm
Link to "Around Lake Baikal Russia" Report *LINK*8/23/2003, 6:30 pm
Michigan paddle report *LINK* *Pic*8/23/2003, 12:15 pm
digital paddling art *LINK* *Pic*8/23/2003, 12:20 am
Prince Albert to Winnipeg Paddle: 20048/22/2003, 2:11 am
Barn Island and "things"8/20/2003, 1:33 pm
Combined trip report-Lake Winnipeg8/19/2003, 5:15 am
Deep trouble: The Trip Report!8/19/2003, 2:55 am
A Midsummer Night's Dream8/18/2003, 7:31 pm
Not a trip report but the seeds for a good one8/16/2003, 4:34 pm
Anyone down island going to Puerto Rico race Nov.?8/12/2003, 9:14 pm
Cape Cod8/12/2003, 12:45 pm
Hardly got out of my boat this weekend8/10/2003, 4:26 pm
North Carolina Trip Report8/10/2003, 1:32 am
Glenwood Canyon race (Colorado River) *LINK* *Pic*8/6/2003, 11:15 am
Paddling Uphill *LINK*8/4/2003, 9:23 pm
Guest Trip Report *LINK*8/3/2003, 9:36 pm
My Secret Place *LINK*8/2/2003, 6:25 pm
"Of Tides and Current..."8/2/2003, 9:02 am
Rolling on the Potomac *LINK*8/1/2003, 5:42 pm
Heater?7/30/2003, 3:28 pm
Ooops, almost forgot this...7/29/2003, 1:24 am
Bowron Lake chain7/28/2003, 11:51 am
sunrise & sunset paddling *LINK* *Pic*7/28/2003, 10:40 am
Alaska south to...7/28/2003, 4:15 am
Repovesi National Park paddling trip *LINK*7/27/2003, 6:16 pm
From 1 to 3 *LINK*7/27/2003, 2:56 pm
seeking kayak people in my area7/27/2003, 12:07 am
Lake Michigan gets Ugly7/26/2003, 8:39 pm
Trip Report: Humpback sighting near Carmel, CA *Pic*7/26/2003, 12:01 pm
Trip Report: another midnight paddle7/25/2003, 3:45 pm
For you Canadian Listeners7/23/2003, 6:07 pm
Tourist Kayakers seeking adventure/kids7/23/2003, 4:14 am
Ross Lake? (WA)7/22/2003, 12:36 pm
Pelee Island7/22/2003, 8:36 am
North Carolina Trip7/21/2003, 11:22 pm
Ah! At long last! Another tip!7/20/2003, 2:01 pm
whoa!7/17/2003, 11:08 am
August 16,2003 Kayakers needed for LI Sound *LINK*7/16/2003, 6:29 pm
Join me this Saturday July 19 -27 at Lake Umbagog,7/16/2003, 1:07 am
What happened to my 'risk assesment' sense? *LINK*7/15/2003, 10:08 pm
Nanimo?7/14/2003, 7:25 pm
Wind, Rain, Lightening, Earthquake, Volcano...7/14/2003, 9:15 am
An Epiphany Paddle...7/13/2003, 9:58 pm
My paddling photo gallery *LINK* *Pic*7/13/2003, 4:14 pm
high wood river pics *LINK* *Pic*7/12/2003, 7:31 pm
Paddling the Queen Charlotte Islands *LINK* *Pic*7/11/2003, 4:23 pm
Bob takes baby steps and Lydia one giant leap *LINK*7/11/2003, 4:46 am
More craziness7/10/2003, 3:31 am
Trip Report: Midnight Madness Paddle7/9/2003, 1:47 am
FS: Looksha IV poly sea kayak7/7/2003, 11:02 pm
The Tortoise and the Hair(y squirrel) *LINK*7/7/2003, 9:46 pm
Happt Birthday America! (Trip Report) *LINK*7/7/2003, 9:43 pm
Kongakut7/6/2003, 9:50 pm
High Wood River, Southern Alberta, Trip Report7/6/2003, 9:16 pm
That's not the embarrassing part...7/6/2003, 9:13 am
Mike Borean first big ocean paddle7/6/2003, 3:23 am
Texas Water Safari 2003 *LINK* *Pic*7/5/2003, 9:30 am
Trip Report: Winnipeg River-Minaki to Pte du Bois7/3/2003, 5:02 am
Last Thursday Night's Paddle7/1/2003, 6:12 pm
Today and yesterday twofer6/30/2003, 9:52 pm
Yo mike!6/30/2003, 10:48 am
Nick, how'd the 50 miler go? *NM*6/30/2003, 9:04 am
Long delayed night night paddle trip report6/30/2003, 1:02 am
Paddling With Bill - Trip Report *NM* *LINK*6/29/2003, 6:52 pm
Testing the new paddle - first trip log-----------6/29/2003, 12:48 am
ocean kayaking attempt (6 miles out)6/24/2003, 12:50 pm
Stratford Point Paddle *LINK*6/24/2003, 11:59 am
Tripp in Sweden *LINK*6/24/2003, 9:46 am
My Journey Along the North Saskatchewan River *LINK*6/22/2003, 7:18 pm
romancing the dolphins *Pic*6/22/2003, 5:52 pm
A Little More Skeg, Please *NM* *LINK*6/22/2003, 12:57 pm
Boreal Confluence Voyageurs6/22/2003, 12:46 am
Boreal Confluence Voyageurs-Birch Bark Canoe6/20/2003, 10:27 pm
Helo Ride and it's outcome. Trip Report Later! *LINK*6/20/2003, 6:49 pm
940 Beers on the wall,..., 0 beers on the wall ;)6/19/2003, 12:42 am
suggestions for day paddle in Md?6/18/2003, 4:25 pm
Another Maine tip6/17/2003, 10:25 pm
Makin' a list and checkin' it twice6/17/2003, 1:49 am
200,000 cfs fun6/17/2003, 12:46 am
First REAL paddle *LINK*6/16/2003, 1:02 pm
Green River6/15/2003, 3:05 pm
Short Trip Report *NM* *LINK*6/15/2003, 12:34 pm
20 Miles & a Jumper6/15/2003, 1:54 am
Up the creek -- Pictures *LINK* *Pic*6/14/2003, 2:04 pm
CIrrus paddle # 3...6/12/2003, 4:57 pm
Gone Fishing!6/12/2003, 1:25 am
Is it something I said? *LINK*6/10/2003, 5:06 pm
Circumnavigation of Wales by Sea Kayak *LINK*6/10/2003, 3:44 pm
Trip Report - Santa Cruz, CA Coastal Run6/9/2003, 3:15 am
Adventures WIthin the North Saskatchewan Watershed *LINK*6/8/2003, 3:23 pm
Back Pressure "OT" *Pic*6/7/2003, 12:49 pm
Request for tips regarding Rosario Strait crossing6/5/2003, 8:43 pm
North Sask Trip :) *NM*6/4/2003, 10:17 pm
North Platte River video *LINK* *Pic*6/4/2003, 11:50 am
kayak for rescuing my mother6/4/2003, 1:36 am
Kayaking Puget Sound *LINK*6/3/2003, 3:28 pm
Terrorist paddlers at local race event6/2/2003, 12:24 pm
Columbia R. mini-paddlefest6/1/2003, 11:13 pm
Potomac River Swim (Trip Report) *NM* *LINK*6/1/2003, 9:27 pm
Tropical rainforrest and bioluminescent water6/1/2003, 2:37 pm
Androscoggin River Trek *LINK*5/31/2003, 7:53 pm
Rob!! Have a great trip!5/30/2003, 10:53 pm
Cache la Poudre River *LINK* *Pic*5/30/2003, 7:23 pm
North Sask here I come.5/29/2003, 4:03 am
Sail and Paddle trip around Catalina5/29/2003, 2:19 am
Terror on the low seas - a tip report5/28/2003, 10:45 pm
up the creek, almost without a paddle5/28/2003, 12:29 am
Join Harpers Ferry WV Paddle Trip June 295/27/2003, 3:32 pm
Famous *NM* *LINK*5/26/2003, 11:15 pm
Final Equipment/Food List5/26/2003, 10:02 pm
Kayaking the Virgin Islands *Pic*5/26/2003, 2:48 pm
Florida paddling - 2003 WaterTribe EC *LINK* *Pic*5/25/2003, 8:30 pm
Superimposed on Silence *NM* *LINK*5/24/2003, 9:36 pm
Shearwater Baidarka Launch/Inaugural Trip Report *Pic*5/24/2003, 6:45 pm
2003 WaterTribe Michigan Challenge *LINK* *Pic*5/22/2003, 8:57 pm
My Devon to Edmonton Trip *LINK*5/22/2003, 8:40 pm
Tip report :)5/22/2003, 8:51 am
Looking for a Place to sea kayak...5/21/2003, 2:39 pm
Devon to Edmonton Paddle: Tuesday!5/19/2003, 10:17 pm
good day paddle5/19/2003, 1:14 pm
Looking for someone to Kayak with5/19/2003, 9:21 am
Do I have to get lessons?5/19/2003, 9:19 am
Waltzing the Farm *LINK*5/17/2003, 2:47 pm
Mississippi Challenge *LINK*5/15/2003, 8:56 am
Rhode Island Paddlers?5/15/2003, 7:46 am
Off Topic: Cross the US bike trip *LINK*5/14/2003, 10:25 am
Kayak readied for my big trip.5/12/2003, 9:23 pm
We create the weather5/11/2003, 1:08 am
Cape Cod Summary5/9/2003, 11:31 am
Hey Guys I'm leaving for...5/5/2003, 11:28 pm
Realizing Spring *NM* *LINK*5/4/2003, 6:55 pm
Expedition Plan5/3/2003, 2:35 pm
Kayaking In Hawaii4/29/2003, 11:53 pm
Katie's new Boat *LINK*4/27/2003, 5:47 pm
Riverbank Erosion Bigtime!4/24/2003, 10:45 pm
Sardinia4/22/2003, 2:40 pm
adventure races4/21/2003, 7:00 pm
Paddling with stinky breath *Pic*4/20/2003, 11:53 pm
New Jersey paddling4/20/2003, 3:22 am
Head-to-Head with a ...4/18/2003, 1:05 am
new to kayaking4/16/2003, 6:45 pm
Favirite Georgian Bay Trips?4/16/2003, 10:53 am
Colorado River paddling *LINK* *Pic*4/15/2003, 7:52 pm
Old dog Learns New Tricks Today!4/14/2003, 10:01 pm
Four4/14/2003, 6:27 pm
countings 1's, 2's, 3's, ...4/14/2003, 5:57 pm
Nine deer, four Kingfishers, and a dump4/13/2003, 8:17 pm
Osprey, Eagle, Muskrat, SEAL!4/12/2003, 11:03 pm
What a day! *LINK*4/12/2003, 9:26 pm
The ice has broken!4/12/2003, 12:08 am
Equipment List for a Long Trip?4/6/2003, 1:16 am
Philly or S Jersey Shore paddlers4/4/2003, 2:00 am
Surfing with Bob on Woods Bay *Pic*4/1/2003, 6:33 pm
Mississippi River Trips4/1/2003, 10:50 am
Monomy Island Questions3/30/2003, 7:25 am
Florida Everglades video *LINK* *Pic*3/27/2003, 4:26 pm
Kayak rentals in Newport, CA area3/27/2003, 10:10 am
Texas Water Safari 2003 *LINK* *Pic*3/25/2003, 12:29 pm
Errosion *NM* *LINK*3/23/2003, 7:53 pm
Oslo-Moscow kayak transport!? *LINK*3/22/2003, 7:40 pm
Maine/Acadia trip infomation needed3/22/2003, 4:15 pm
Canadian and other topo maps3/21/2003, 1:57 pm
Sea Kayaking Trips In Maine! *LINK*3/21/2003, 1:34 pm
LA or San Diego paddlers3/20/2003, 12:04 pm
Trip Report: Santa Cruz 20-22 Feb 20033/18/2003, 6:55 pm
BH: Pics of Santa Cruz trip...3/18/2003, 3:36 pm
Paddling Upper Klammath NWP in Oregon?3/17/2003, 3:35 am
Anyone know of a put-in in Alexandria, VA?3/16/2003, 9:48 pm
Florida paddling3/16/2003, 9:29 am
Scoping out Summer3/16/2003, 3:51 am
Kayaking NE FL3/14/2003, 6:11 am
Manitoba map data *LINK*3/12/2003, 9:04 pm
Most Challenging Kayak Tour EVER3/12/2003, 12:37 pm
yo Mike this is the place I was tinking of.3/12/2003, 12:00 pm
Birds eye yellow cypress wood *LINK*3/10/2003, 11:32 pm
Isla de Tiburon3/10/2003, 4:27 pm
Powells Creek *LINK*3/8/2003, 5:29 pm
Return to Ballast Island, Nova Scotia3/8/2003, 4:58 pm
Part 4: even more on maps and naviguessing3/7/2003, 9:48 pm
Bering Sea currents and ice3/5/2003, 4:29 pm
The Snake River in the Grand Tetons3/3/2003, 12:22 pm
North Sask River Trip3/3/2003, 12:09 pm
Shark Attacks - size matters?2/26/2003, 1:33 am
Online GPS and mapping courses2/25/2003, 6:04 pm
Remembering Winter *LINK*2/21/2003, 10:00 pm
Colrado River paddle ideas2/20/2003, 2:35 am
seakayaking Newfoundland *LINK* *Pic*2/18/2003, 4:35 pm
wish information to plan a trip2/16/2003, 3:19 am
reverse-osmosis hand-desalination pump2/15/2003, 3:30 am
Lake Pueblo - southern Colorado *LINK* *Pic*2/13/2003, 11:40 pm
Trip Report: Banana River, FL, part 12/13/2003, 3:29 pm
Paddling Venice Allowed ?2/12/2003, 4:42 pm
Winter Estuary Paddling2/9/2003, 5:42 pm
Santa Cruz 2-1-20032/5/2003, 3:27 pm
2003 Microship/Flotilla Expedition *LINK*2/3/2003, 7:24 pm
Utah Sea Kayakers2/3/2003, 2:52 pm
beavers don't sleep ... *LINK* *Pic*2/2/2003, 8:13 pm
Yukon River Race *LINK*1/31/2003, 4:41 pm
daytrips from LA area1/30/2003, 3:13 pm
is anyone fimilure with sansimion ca?1/30/2003, 2:56 pm
Trip report: Dog Patch Out and Around *LINK*1/30/2003, 12:20 am
PATAGONIA-KAYAK TRIP- *LINK* *Pic*1/29/2003, 8:26 pm
a few mor pics1/29/2003, 12:28 pm
Mono lake Date locked.1/28/2003, 8:30 pm
Beginner's question: is this foolish?1/28/2003, 2:26 pm
Anyone Live Near Santa Cruz, CA?1/28/2003, 11:13 am
image test1/28/2003, 1:46 am
Back Online *LINK* *Pic*1/27/2003, 11:39 pm
Mono Lake1/27/2003, 5:45 pm
I am addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *LINK*1/27/2003, 4:57 pm
Off Topic: Poetry!1/27/2003, 3:58 am
GPS Accuracy Testament1/26/2003, 10:03 am
Sage's pics from Last Saturday...1/25/2003, 2:13 am
Midwest paddling trip ideas1/23/2003, 4:32 pm
Northern trip report OT1/22/2003, 4:23 am
A toy for a kayakers toy...1/22/2003, 1:28 am
Trip report pictures....1/21/2003, 5:55 pm
back to paddling *LINK* *Pic*1/20/2003, 11:46 pm
Trip rpt: 18Jan03, whales search, fog and fun1/20/2003, 11:32 pm
A quick trip report from a friend1/20/2003, 11:16 am
Puget Sound Wooden Kayakers back *LINK*1/20/2003, 12:53 am
Something that often comes home to me1/17/2003, 5:14 pm
Trip Report 14 Jan 03 (in NORWEGIAN)1/15/2003, 11:29 pm
Trip Report 14 Jan 03 in METRIC1/15/2003, 11:26 pm
Trip report: 12 Jan 03 (ENGLISH measurements)1/15/2003, 11:11 pm
trip reports...1/15/2003, 3:35 am
Off-topic: SPAM part 31/13/2003, 4:03 pm
Trip Report: night paddle practice in navigation1/13/2003, 3:51 pm
Hart Miller,,,Cheapeake1/12/2003, 6:10 pm
by Damn sight HELP!1/12/2003, 2:07 pm
Trip Report: last nights little paddle1/10/2003, 1:47 am
flying with a folding kayak *LINK* *Pic*1/9/2003, 7:53 pm
FWD, Trip Report: Anacapa Island1/8/2003, 1:29 pm
Trip Report: New Years Day *LINK*1/7/2003, 8:10 pm
Cabrillo Beach to Palos Verdes paddle1/6/2003, 7:10 pm
OT: anti-SPAM, part 21/3/2003, 5:16 pm
slightly OT, what do you wear?1/2/2003, 3:56 pm
Catching up *LINK* *Pic*1/2/2003, 1:49 am
Sea Kayak Guide Course *LINK*12/30/2002, 11:05 am
Wanted: Kayak Trip Reports About Warm Places *NM*12/28/2002, 11:19 pm
Woody's Trip Reports gets redesigned! *LINK* *Pic*12/26/2002, 7:17 am
paddling conditions in Colorado ... *LINK* *Pic*12/25/2002, 3:53 pm
Cold day paddle12/23/2002, 10:31 am
Pics of Sage and I on a drizzle day...12/22/2002, 12:29 am
Off Topic: Mountain Wo/Men in the Morning12/21/2002, 12:32 pm
A GREAT WEBSITE...12/21/2002, 11:10 am
Winter afternoon on the lake12/20/2002, 10:41 pm
Yesterday afternoon and evening's paddle12/18/2002, 3:58 pm
Texas Water Safari 2002 video clip *LINK* *Pic*12/17/2002, 11:53 pm
some pics while paddling around the Harbor *LINK* *Pic*12/16/2002, 5:19 pm
Destinations12/16/2002, 2:08 pm
Thoughts on night paddling in the ocean *LINK*12/14/2002, 1:21 am
TR: Night Paddle, First Launching and Spaghetti12/10/2002, 1:03 pm
Oddest thing I saw this past summer...12/8/2002, 1:13 pm
Timber choices... ?12/8/2002, 8:56 am
Question for Marek12/7/2002, 3:03 pm
Launch pics12/6/2002, 4:50 pm
yellowstone kayaking info needed12/5/2002, 10:51 pm
Last Paddle of the Year *LINK*12/5/2002, 5:40 pm
Windy day paddle12/5/2002, 6:35 am
Denmark12/4/2002, 4:33 pm
Denmark12/4/2002, 4:33 pm
Most Memorable Paddeling Experience Last Summer12/4/2002, 11:01 am
kayaking in Dec, in Banff12/2/2002, 2:55 pm
Connecticut Kayak Race12/1/2002, 9:08 am
An Interesting Ride on Ice *LINK*11/27/2002, 2:34 am
back from Lake Powell paddle-ganza11/26/2002, 1:48 pm
"Big" waves on Flathead Saturday *Pic*11/26/2002, 1:11 pm
It's Getting cold out there. *LINK*11/25/2002, 7:27 pm
Bow River - Calgary (2nd trip)11/18/2002, 5:40 pm
panoramic photography *LINK* *Pic*11/17/2002, 3:18 pm
Kayaing the North Saskatchewan in November *LINK*11/13/2002, 10:49 pm
Ideas for kayak launch places in tidal areas wante11/13/2002, 10:36 am
Eagles, Swans, K's of Geese, a Raft and Shiva?11/12/2002, 8:45 am
Victoria Trained on a river.11/10/2002, 6:47 pm
end of paddling season in Colorado *LINK* *Pic*11/7/2002, 3:27 pm
Kayak launch design needed11/4/2002, 7:07 pm
Another day, another river trip.11/3/2002, 7:17 am
Baja fever10/28/2002, 12:44 pm
Pyramid Lake and other video clips *Pic*10/26/2002, 1:20 pm
A small river trip is better than no trip at all!10/17/2002, 4:43 am
Day out on the windy river.10/10/2002, 10:04 pm
Sarasota kayaking10/8/2002, 4:37 pm
Kayaking with G.W. Jr.10/8/2002, 10:38 am
One wind driven thing i didnt mention...9/29/2002, 10:14 pm
Sea of Japan *Pic*9/29/2002, 12:55 am
Windy Lake Cruise9/28/2002, 4:54 pm
Little afternoon jaunt in fog9/24/2002, 2:24 pm
Sea critters around La Jolla in San Diego *Pic*9/22/2002, 3:07 pm
Outer Channel Islands, California9/20/2002, 5:27 pm
Launched Lightening 17 and had great river trip!9/19/2002, 10:56 pm
Costa Rica for sea Kayaking9/18/2002, 9:49 am
Sunshine Coast ocean paddling *Pic*9/17/2002, 11:28 pm
waterproof VHF & GPS cases9/17/2002, 9:27 pm
Warning about paddle float9/16/2002, 8:02 pm
Windy intro9/15/2002, 8:14 pm
Penobscot bay9/15/2002, 6:42 pm
places to kayak in central florida9/11/2002, 10:44 am
paddling video clips *Pic*9/10/2002, 3:58 pm
Outer Banks Paddle Trails9/9/2002, 10:19 pm
Paddling in Bahia de Los Angeles9/9/2002, 3:21 am
Easily satisfied9/6/2002, 1:00 am
Labor Day Fireworks9/4/2002, 7:17 am
BCU training/expedition in October9/3/2002, 3:24 am
Labyrinth Canyon - 100K+ race? *Pic*9/2/2002, 12:17 pm
Transportational paddling9/2/2002, 11:14 am
South Baja bus routes Q.9/1/2002, 2:43 am
Maine Trip Pictures *Pic*8/28/2002, 5:21 pm
Lake Powell paddle around the entire thing8/28/2002, 1:08 pm
Cape Cod padding8/27/2002, 11:38 am
Croatia Trip8/27/2002, 5:40 am
Kayaking Mid Coast of Maine8/25/2002, 7:30 pm
South Manitou Island, MI8/23/2002, 5:11 pm
Exploratory sea kayak trip in cuba8/23/2002, 2:21 pm
seeking advice for paddling in Maine8/21/2002, 9:28 pm
Coastal Pictures of Northern Japan *Pic*8/21/2002, 3:42 am
Sea Kayaking: Kadavu Island, Fiji--3-19 Oct. 20028/16/2002, 3:37 pm
racing in Colorado *Pic*8/15/2002, 12:30 pm
USCA nationals Race Report *Pic*8/14/2002, 1:43 pm
bellingham to Juneau8/14/2002, 1:26 pm Get Your CLUB Listed8/13/2002, 3:32 am
Low Water on the Little Miami (Ohio)8/12/2002, 3:08 pm
Orca vs kayak8/8/2002, 11:20 am
Summer Vacation8/5/2002, 12:17 am
Solong BC's wild west coast *Pic*8/3/2002, 3:23 pm
Locals Only7/30/2002, 1:22 am
Ohio Stream Flow *Pic*7/29/2002, 11:13 am
Johnstone Strait *Pic*7/27/2002, 9:45 pm
kayaking the intercoastal NY to Florida7/27/2002, 9:52 am
Young family spared from certain death7/26/2002, 5:42 am
First Aid Book7/23/2002, 11:49 am
Cape Caution7/23/2002, 10:59 am
Lummi Island Trip (Puget Sound Wooden Kayakers)7/22/2002, 11:21 pm
Magellan310...comments???7/22/2002, 8:31 pm
The Blackburn Challenge Race7/22/2002, 5:01 pm
Yak Expeditions7/21/2002, 12:16 pm
Texas Water Safari 2002 *Pic*7/21/2002, 10:42 am
I need ideas for a trip to New England7/17/2002, 11:43 pm
Johnstone Strait *Pic*7/17/2002, 5:32 pm
Sea Kayaking in the Bahamas (Eleuthera) *Pic*7/16/2002, 7:18 pm
Back from Isle Haute7/8/2002, 11:49 pm
Illusions7/1/2002, 5:31 am
Leaving for Newport RI6/30/2002, 9:55 pm
BC Sea Kayakers Message Board *Pic*6/30/2002, 1:40 pm
Isle Haute Trip6/27/2002, 12:29 pm
Thats NEW FAIRFIELD not Gairfield6/22/2002, 3:27 pm
Candlewood Lake Cruise6/22/2002, 3:25 pm
Second drowning victim found in Yellowstone Park6/18/2002, 12:12 pm
Experienced paddler dies in Lake Louise, Alberta6/17/2002, 11:23 am
Trip to Anchorage6/10/2002, 8:14 am
Lessons learned from expensive surfing6/9/2002, 11:07 pm
Final Story of my Saskatchewan Crossing Disaster6/8/2002, 3:21 am
Expensive Surfing6/8/2002, 1:14 am
Help-- No white water6/7/2002, 7:46 pm
Disaster at the Saskatchewan Crossing6/3/2002, 12:44 am
Surfing part 26/2/2002, 8:08 am
Surfing6/1/2002, 2:18 am
Maui in December5/31/2002, 9:25 pm
Finally, it's time to go!5/31/2002, 4:26 am
Visiting Minnetonka, MN5/30/2002, 10:11 am
Three day weekend - three paddle trips5/29/2002, 3:10 pm
Sleeping bag for south-east Baja (Oct-March)?5/27/2002, 4:27 pm
Western Leg5/27/2002, 6:19 am
Forbidden5/27/2002, 6:17 am
First Seasons Paddle5/26/2002, 4:25 pm
Questions re:kayaking Ha Long Bay,Vietnam5/20/2002, 3:31 pm
A day of surfing Salt Creek Rec. WA5/18/2002, 7:40 pm
Paddling Escalante Arm of Lake Powell5/16/2002, 8:05 pm
Apostle Islands5/14/2002, 1:53 pm
Baja5/12/2002, 10:35 pm
Fundraiser paddle5/7/2002, 9:34 pm
Gulf of Maine Expedition5/7/2002, 7:43 am
Palo Alto to Dunbarton5/6/2002, 7:25 pm
Racing in the rain4/30/2002, 5:16 pm
Glacier Bay4/30/2002, 5:07 am
Seeking Guide Job in Oregon4/29/2002, 2:08 pm
Port Townsend paddle4/27/2002, 2:16 pm
New kayak for Wes Boyd's site4/25/2002, 7:19 pm
Looking for kayaking in Tasmania and New Zeeland4/25/2002, 11:54 am
Todos Santos *Pic*4/23/2002, 11:31 pm
Saturday - Freshwater Bay to Salt Creek - Be There *Pic*4/23/2002, 5:57 pm
Sleeping Giant *Pic*4/23/2002, 11:32 am
Staying in the Bubble *Pic*4/23/2002, 5:14 am
THE BEST kayak book I ever read...4/22/2002, 9:57 pm
this is a post4/22/2002, 9:54 pm
Shichinohe Creek4/13/2002, 8:16 pm
back bay va. to corolla nc4/11/2002, 2:57 pm
Branching out...April 27th Trip PSWKers!4/8/2002, 9:42 pm
Pleasant Bay a little more pleasant4/7/2002, 11:09 am
The Sisters *Pic*4/6/2002, 8:55 am
Anna Maria, FL / June 5th4/5/2002, 9:44 am
Low tides during R2K24/3/2002, 12:58 am
Kayaking the Tanesashi Coast *Pic*3/31/2002, 2:39 am
Trip Suggestions?3/27/2002, 7:01 pm
Wish I may, wish I might...3/26/2002, 3:12 pm
baja sea kayaking3/25/2002, 11:28 pm
Nipigon3/25/2002, 9:01 pm
Scouting the Tanesashi Coast *Pic*3/24/2002, 6:48 am
Gulf Islands, B.C. April trip ...Info?3/24/2002, 1:51 am
Spring Break paddle3/22/2002, 1:48 pm
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan3/22/2002, 12:05 pm
O kayakos ?3/18/2002, 3:04 pm
4-day trip to Fall River Valley, CA3/16/2002, 8:10 pm
Frustration *Pic*3/15/2002, 10:48 pm
March paddle for Puget Sound Wooden Kayakers3/14/2002, 11:29 am
South Manitou Island, MI.3/4/2002, 4:24 pm
passion2/24/2002, 5:07 am
River Trip Across Western Canada *Pic*2/24/2002, 2:18 am
winter paddling in CO *Pic*2/22/2002, 2:49 pm
Sarasota to Key West2/15/2002, 2:20 pm
Rollin' on the river2/14/2002, 11:52 pm
Speaking of about mosquitos?2/4/2002, 2:53 pm
kayak shark repelent2/2/2002, 11:15 am
Need advice paddling Baja1/30/2002, 10:56 pm
Need advice paddling Baja1/30/2002, 10:54 pm
Supported Sea Kayak Expedition to St Kilda1/28/2002, 10:00 am
Something happened on the way to the Forum :)1/25/2002, 10:16 pm
extended trip in indonesia1/25/2002, 9:36 pm
extended trip in indonesia1/25/2002, 9:34 pm
Alaska advice needed1/25/2002, 2:29 pm
Advice requested1/25/2002, 1:46 pm
question1/24/2002, 3:34 pm
Puget Sound Trip January 26th1/22/2002, 12:31 am
A Short cruise on Lake Taupo, New Zealand1/21/2002, 2:33 pm
How long a posting??1/20/2002, 3:51 am
Seakayak Northern Patagonia1/18/2002, 5:48 pm
kayaking Thailand1/14/2002, 2:58 pm
Kayaking Fall River Valley in North Calif1/11/2002, 6:26 pm
Sea kayaking in Myanmar1/9/2002, 12:19 am
Yellowstone / Jackson Hole Paddling1/8/2002, 8:32 pm
Loreto to La Paz1/6/2002, 3:46 pm
kauai kayaking1/5/2002, 8:29 pm
Yellowstone Lake in September12/31/2001, 1:58 pm
Kayaking on NPR: a must-listen12/27/2001, 11:35 am
Trieste Italy kayak rental12/20/2001, 5:59 pm
Sea Kayaking Expeditions Inside Passage BC12/20/2001, 3:15 pm
Kayak Baja12/20/2001, 1:25 pm
negril area?12/16/2001, 12:59 pm
kayak British Columbia, Canada12/13/2001, 7:20 pm
Christmas Lights in Gig Harbor (WA)12/11/2001, 10:21 am
Hey, This is cool!12/9/2001, 1:54 am
Long Island Sound Crossing11/30/2001, 2:03 pm
Changed Kayak Club in Puget Sound!11/28/2001, 10:31 am
southern trip suggestions11/27/2001, 9:28 am
Where should I go?? :)11/26/2001, 11:53 pm
Kayak rental in Flamingo, Florida11/25/2001, 10:29 pm
equipment11/21/2001, 12:07 pm
Viewing Leonids on Lake Washington11/18/2001, 8:54 am
radios11/16/2001, 2:14 pm
North Carolina Coast11/8/2001, 12:48 pm
Cumberland Is. Closes Brickhill11/8/2001, 12:22 pm
My August Adventure11/8/2001, 2:42 am
Thanksgiving on the Colorado River11/6/2001, 5:42 pm
Polite traffic, great weather, tide rips...11/5/2001, 2:07 am
Forgotten Joys11/3/2001, 5:32 pm
Cumberland Island,Ga.10/15/2001, 5:52 pm
kayaktrip4/11/2001, 6:55 pm
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