Open Water Trips

Adventures in Open Water in Small Boats

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Sea Kayak Trips Archive

Assateague10/26/2001, 1:34 pm
kayaking Pt Reyes National Seashore *Pic*10/26/2001, 10:55 am
Kayaking Glacier National Park 01 *Pic*10/25/2001, 9:42 am
Tacoma Narrows trip report (long)10/22/2001, 2:13 pm
saturday trip10/22/2001, 8:04 am
Bear Lake Circumnavigation10/18/2001, 10:39 am
Final Date South Sound Wooden Kayak Oct10/18/2001, 2:04 am
I need some stories.10/17/2001, 9:41 pm
Cumberland Island,Ga.10/15/2001, 5:52 pm
A scenic tour of the Bowron Lakes Circuit *Pic*10/14/2001, 9:41 am
South Sound Wooden Kayak Paddlers Oct10/13/2001, 10:47 am
Santa Cruz Harbor to Capitola Beach and Back10/11/2001, 4:56 pm
Natural Phenomena *Pic*10/9/2001, 12:10 pm
Timothy Lake *Pic*10/8/2001, 12:48 am
Evening paddle in Seattle10/5/2001, 4:13 pm
Bowron Lakes circuit report10/5/2001, 2:24 am
Just thought I'd post this :) *Pic*9/27/2001, 6:26 pm
Spada Lake *PIC*9/26/2001, 2:52 am
Kayak Launched!!!!9/25/2001, 10:13 am
Netarts9/23/2001, 1:48 pm
paddle plans9/19/2001, 10:23 am
The Bowron Lakes Circuit, BC *Pic*9/16/2001, 1:02 am
paddling to Deer Isle, Tues, 11:30am.9/15/2001, 9:46 am
Infor Needed Winter Paddling on Sacramento Delta9/13/2001, 10:59 pm
Fall River Valley or Englebright Reservoir, CA9/12/2001, 12:35 am
Bass River Paddlefest9/11/2001, 8:05 am
My trip to the BWCA *Pic*9/5/2001, 7:37 am
sea kayaking in Sandhills - Dismal River again *Pic*9/4/2001, 11:23 am
Switching Gears9/2/2001, 4:25 pm
Martha's Vineyard, 9/3-88/31/2001, 4:10 pm
Rockland-Vinalhaven8/28/2001, 11:14 am
Port Orchard, WA SSWKC Sept Trip8/28/2001, 1:43 am
McGregor Bay to Killarney8/27/2001, 11:01 am
Johnstone Strait, BC trip report & photos8/23/2001, 10:48 pm
BONAIRE TRIP**JANUARY 26, 20028/23/2001, 4:51 pm
Lake Superior, Apostle Islands Trip *Pic*8/21/2001, 3:29 pm
Florida in March 20028/21/2001, 3:36 am
kayak rental - Portland, Maine8/20/2001, 12:20 pm
Netherland or Denmark sea kayak trip8/20/2001, 6:41 am
Copper Harbor, MI - looking for paddling partner8/18/2001, 5:43 pm
Cape Cod Advice please...8/17/2001, 7:15 pm
:D R2K1 :D8/17/2001, 11:01 am
LONG ISLAND TRIPS8/16/2001, 7:41 pm
Erie Canal Info?8/14/2001, 6:01 pm
Artic sea Kayak race Trip Report8/14/2001, 3:55 pm
Sea Kayaking in the Florida Keys8/13/2001, 1:45 pm
Tangier Island8/12/2001, 10:00 pm
Today's second batch of PIX... Good ones! *Pic*8/10/2001, 1:17 pm
More Georgian Bay PIX *Pic*8/10/2001, 12:13 pm
Baja/Ed Gillette/SouthwestKayaks?8/9/2001, 5:18 pm
Off to the Great White North!8/9/2001, 2:45 pm
Dismal River, Nebraska Sandhills *Pic*8/9/2001, 10:24 am
1st PIX from Canada Trip - Georgian Bay *Pic*8/8/2001, 10:30 am
Ideas near Cornwall, Ontario8/8/2001, 10:21 am
kayaking in Southern Indiana8/5/2001, 9:25 am
radar reflector- anyone ever used one?7/30/2001, 7:36 pm
Edisto Beach, S. C.7/29/2001, 5:51 pm
Beaver Pond7/24/2001, 12:15 am
Kayaking the Outer Banks7/23/2001, 2:26 pm
Back from Canada Expedition7/22/2001, 12:50 am
Vacuum Packed Camera (OT) *Pic*7/21/2001, 1:08 am
Estacada Timber Lake *Pic*7/18/2001, 3:14 am
Blcok Island/Point Judith Questions7/16/2001, 9:06 pm
More D.P. Trip Pictures *Pic*7/9/2001, 11:19 am
Morro Bay,ca./kyaking7/7/2001, 10:55 am
Long Beach Island, NJ7/6/2001, 4:48 pm
Have a safe, fun trip to DP7/6/2001, 3:45 pm
July 4 Trip Report7/6/2001, 3:10 pm
TX Water Safari trip report *Pic*7/6/2001, 11:22 am
Rest Stop7/4/2001, 10:56 pm
kayaking in Floida7/1/2001, 3:10 am
looking for touring partner(s) asap! in Baja6/30/2001, 4:42 pm
Paddling in San Diego6/27/2001, 2:36 pm
Sea Kayaking in Hawaii6/25/2001, 5:25 pm
Swimmen wid da fishies at D.P. *Pic*6/25/2001, 12:01 am
Article about wooden boats6/22/2001, 7:44 pm
Flaming Gorge, Utah6/21/2001, 1:04 pm
Rock Island - Lake Michigan6/20/2001, 5:58 pm
Deception Pass--DATE CHANGE!6/18/2001, 7:54 pm
Florida Keys6/14/2001, 7:51 pm
the Mississippi Race for Rett is Over6/12/2001, 4:31 pm
Jetski to jail!6/12/2001, 10:13 am
short trip6/11/2001, 3:03 pm
kayaking in Korea6/10/2001, 6:16 am
Rescue Drills/BBQ Pt. Defiance6/9/2001, 9:26 pm
June 7 trip report6/8/2001, 3:55 pm
Parafoils for kayaks6/8/2001, 12:16 am
green river, mid june6/7/2001, 1:20 am
Kayaking Hudson Bay6/6/2001, 5:07 pm
Benefit swim across Lake Washington needs support6/4/2001, 12:45 pm
San Juan's site closures6/3/2001, 8:37 pm
Mountain Wayfarer updates *Pic*6/3/2001, 4:56 pm
Juniata River Kayaking5/30/2001, 12:23 pm
c *NM*5/30/2001, 12:19 pm
Mississippi Race Finishing up5/29/2001, 9:28 am
Charity paddle event in Indiana5/28/2001, 9:25 pm
OK, I'll bite...5/27/2001, 10:34 pm
Latest On NW Drought5/25/2001, 5:05 pm
OkoumeFest at Sebago Lake State Park Maine5/23/2001, 9:15 pm
Austin-Colorodo River5/22/2001, 3:56 pm
Fort Bragg,CA5/21/2001, 12:09 pm
SSWKC Trip Tomorrow *Pic*5/18/2001, 8:51 pm
Flathead lake MT *Pic*5/17/2001, 4:14 am
VHF Radios5/16/2001, 12:05 am
Washington State shoreline photo site5/14/2001, 3:54 pm
Florida Keys5/14/2001, 8:49 am
Weather Radios5/13/2001, 11:44 pm
Deception Pass Sighting *Pic*5/6/2001, 11:15 pm
Seminoe Reservoir *Pic*5/6/2001, 9:38 am
TR: stormy Lake McDonald--Glacier NP4/30/2001, 2:17 pm
Jetski incident followup4/29/2001, 9:02 pm
Baja trip on Washingtonpost.com4/27/2001, 12:40 pm
Owen Beach to Vashon and Maury Islands4/26/2001, 11:13 am
Europe4/23/2001, 6:57 pm
Lackamas Lake Washington *Pic*4/22/2001, 8:05 pm
A few spots open on our trip to Lake Powell4/18/2001, 9:19 pm
Nassau outfitter contact needed4/17/2001, 8:58 am
Chittendon Locks Trip Report *Pic*4/15/2001, 11:40 pm
Folsom Lake4/13/2001, 4:52 pm
Jetski incident4/12/2001, 10:30 pm
kayaktrip4/11/2001, 6:55 pm
My Daughter...4/10/2001, 8:46 pm
Woody's trip reports4/10/2001, 8:40 pm
Moreton Island Australia4/9/2001, 6:37 pm
Tripping affected by drought :( *Pic*4/9/2001, 1:39 am
House For Rent in Kayaking Heaven4/2/2001, 8:46 pm
Lake Superior (Ontario)4/2/2001, 1:23 pm
“Canoeing The California Highlands” book review *Pic*4/1/2001, 11:35 pm
South Sound Sea kayak clubs3/31/2001, 3:37 am
April Trip-Polish those boats!--SSWKC3/29/2001, 8:04 pm
Lake Powell Utah3/27/2001, 11:42 am
Tragedy strikes again3/25/2001, 4:17 pm
Commencement Bay Trip-Pics up!3/25/2001, 3:43 am
South Sound Kayak Club down3/19/2001, 9:02 pm
Colorado River - Horsethief/Ruby Canyons *Pic*3/18/2001, 12:14 pm
Breton Bay3/17/2001, 6:43 pm
Paddling in Morro Bay3/16/2001, 8:31 pm
Trip to Humbold County CA3/15/2001, 11:15 pm
Bowron Lake3/15/2001, 9:56 pm
Tragedy in Bellingham, WA3/14/2001, 1:57 pm
fl kayak trip3/13/2001, 4:40 pm
Repair kits3/7/2001, 11:21 pm
A Third Maiden Voyage3/7/2001, 10:37 pm
1st Time3/5/2001, 10:03 am
Wooden Kayak Club (Tacoma, WA) Spring Schedule2/27/2001, 11:18 pm
Whittier, Alaska2/27/2001, 7:34 pm
winter kayaking in Canyonlands *Pic*2/25/2001, 9:00 am
Couple of crazy guys2/23/2001, 10:35 am
Pictured Rocks *Pic*2/21/2001, 2:23 pm
South African sea kayak expedition2/20/2001, 1:47 pm
October destinations2/20/2001, 12:25 pm
Cold weather paddling2/16/2001, 8:09 pm
walking with kayak downstairs *Pic*2/13/2001, 1:10 pm
Great site for topos and charts - free2/9/2001, 8:15 pm
BIG Boats!2/9/2001, 7:48 am
kayaking on Shasta Lake?2/8/2001, 4:11 pm
Florida Gulf Cost kayak symposium2/6/2001, 10:10 am
Hawaii Photos Finally *Pic*2/6/2001, 9:26 am
Have kayak,will travel....but first, I need.......2/4/2001, 12:20 pm
Lake Powell *Pic*2/3/2001, 9:43 am
winter kayaking in Colorado *Pic*2/3/2001, 9:39 am
Second page of Missouri river pics now online...1/31/2001, 2:16 am
The Roll1/30/2001, 10:29 pm
Spring 2000 Missouri River pics online now *Pic*1/29/2001, 1:52 am
Seward Ak. kayak trip1/23/2001, 5:41 pm
Turks & Caicos kayak trip...May 4--20, 20011/22/2001, 4:00 pm
florida paddling1/22/2001, 8:47 am
1,000 mile Missouri River trip in Spring of 20001/22/2001, 12:09 am
Updates to Kayak Place page1/21/2001, 4:37 pm
Adirondack land buy to link scenic waterways1/21/2001, 12:34 pm
Hawaii1/20/2001, 3:19 pm
Sandy Point State Park1/17/2001, 8:12 pm
January Paddle On Frozen Missippi *Pic*1/16/2001, 9:09 pm
FANTASTIC site aids kayaking1/10/2001, 10:49 am
I was out on NY Day!1/7/2001, 11:51 pm
Still waiting for the New Year's Paddle1/7/2001, 4:56 pm
I am looking for info on sea kayak in Chile1/7/2001, 3:41 pm
Digest Version1/6/2001, 1:04 pm
Alaska trips and Bears1/4/2001, 1:32 am
Florida Sea Kayaking1/3/2001, 2:04 pm
Gray whales in Puget Sound yet?1/2/2001, 2:32 pm
The End (of Year Two)12/31/2000, 1:47 pm
Hawaii ??? *Pic*12/27/2000, 11:05 pm
SE Alaska trip ideas?12/23/2000, 4:23 am
Gale Warning *Pic*12/20/2000, 9:12 am
Sea Kayaking the Grand Tetons/Snake River12/14/2000, 11:14 pm
Kayaking the Mississippi12/13/2000, 12:47 pm
St.Lawrence whales.12/9/2000, 11:34 pm
Sea Kayaking in Santa Cruz California Area12/6/2000, 3:02 am
Where Eagles Soar12/4/2000, 7:57 pm
Expedition 200211/25/2000, 12:15 pm
Symposium dates11/22/2000, 10:42 pm
Hubbard Glacier- Alaska11/19/2000, 3:04 pm
New URL11/18/2000, 9:13 pm
Bahamas11/18/2000, 4:00 pm
Oregon Boating Link :)11/8/2000, 12:39 pm
The Crossing *Pic*11/5/2000, 8:21 pm
Patagonia11/5/2000, 1:55 pm
Still looking GA Or SC11/2/2000, 9:31 pm
Expedition Database11/1/2000, 9:36 am
paddling in north N. Carolina11/1/2000, 9:08 am
The Ride Home10/31/2000, 6:35 am
Alaskan Sea Kayak Trip10/30/2000, 3:09 pm
Gotta go, one-more-time10/25/2000, 7:37 pm
Paddling Lake Powell - Escalante Arm?10/23/2000, 11:43 pm
sugested trips/destinations in Georgia or SC10/23/2000, 9:14 pm
Green River, Utah10/20/2000, 9:23 pm
Request for Maryland info10/18/2000, 1:25 pm
The end - or a new beginning?10/17/2000, 8:07 pm
Open Water Crossings10/14/2000, 10:58 pm
A fall day on Lake Michigan10/14/2000, 12:51 pm
Warm weather inn-to-inn paddling destinations10/9/2000, 7:04 pm
1000 islands trip report10/4/2000, 4:06 pm
Puget Sound Trip Reviews Are Ready10/4/2000, 12:32 am
A few days with the Arctic Tern 1410/1/2000, 7:26 pm
Kayaking Lake Constance (Germany)10/1/2000, 7:18 am
A good read9/29/2000, 7:37 pm
Assateague Island9/27/2000, 10:24 pm
Trinity Lake9/26/2000, 7:49 pm
Kayak rentals in Italy9/24/2000, 11:22 am
Black River Kayaking9/22/2000, 12:02 am
Upcoming SSWSKC Test of A.T.149/19/2000, 3:24 pm
Port Townsend TAPS9/18/2000, 1:43 pm
Paddling in Singapore9/12/2000, 6:49 pm
West Coast information requested9/8/2000, 12:00 am
Baja9/7/2000, 12:40 pm
Bend Oregon Paddling Destinations?9/6/2000, 10:20 am
paddling the adirondacks9/4/2000, 2:32 pm
Foggy morning9/2/2000, 12:53 pm
Pacific Hat Trick9/1/2000, 12:27 pm
Deception Pass, WA8/28/2000, 12:11 am
Circumnavigation of San Juan Island, Part 18/25/2000, 10:59 pm
A familiar place8/24/2000, 10:11 pm
Palmico Sound, North Carolina8/21/2000, 7:31 pm
Hudson River8/16/2000, 4:14 pm
mi empresa8/16/2000, 3:39 pm
Trinity Lake, CA-Followup *Pic*8/15/2000, 1:27 am
Kayaking Argentina8/14/2000, 1:49 pm
Martha's Vineyard end of Aug8/13/2000, 12:23 pm
Contrasting perfection and reality8/12/2000, 5:04 pm
sea kayaking in southwest and Poland *Pic*8/7/2000, 5:31 pm
CD-ROM Chart recommendations8/6/2000, 11:15 pm
Georgian Bay Trip Report *Pic*8/6/2000, 6:18 pm
THERE OUGHT TO BE A RULE...8/5/2000, 2:19 pm
kayaking trip island broken group west coast vanco8/3/2000, 10:29 pm
Trinity Lake, CA (Claire Engle)7/31/2000, 3:26 am
Ocean Shores WA7/29/2000, 5:48 pm
First trip, where to go!?!7/27/2000, 2:48 am
Kayaking in Florida Keys7/26/2000, 4:34 pm
newfoundland kayaking7/26/2000, 1:25 pm
Wild Wet Exit Weekend7/24/2000, 8:01 pm
Vancouver - Rentals & Paddles?7/24/2000, 4:33 pm
Stone Lagoon7/23/2000, 7:49 pm
Sea kayaking South Africa7/23/2000, 12:22 pm
CT Kayaking7/21/2000, 3:30 pm
Lake Powell: kayaking and portable toilets? *Pic*7/20/2000, 5:17 pm
Sea Kayaking in Queensland Australia7/19/2000, 3:01 am
Millenium 1747/15/2000, 1:00 pm
kayaking in the queen charlottes - info. wanted7/12/2000, 10:46 pm
Drakes Estero7/11/2000, 2:03 pm
Kayak info7/11/2000, 11:00 am
Mt Vernon7/8/2000, 1:54 pm
A few new scratches7/4/2000, 9:04 pm
Block Island7/4/2000, 11:25 am
Trip #16 - Eat my dust *Pic*7/3/2000, 8:55 pm
Trip #15 - Where art thou, shoulder pain? *Pic*7/3/2000, 8:50 pm
Repair Kits7/3/2000, 1:33 am
Sleeping Bear Dunes7/2/2000, 4:12 pm
Coos Bay OR?6/27/2000, 7:43 pm
paddling reviews6/25/2000, 2:34 pm
Telkwa to Goose Bay6/25/2000, 11:54 am
Further adventures of the club...6/25/2000, 11:05 am
Catalina Island -1 day circumnav/night crossing6/24/2000, 5:30 pm
Glaciers and bergs6/22/2000, 2:29 am
Moonlight Paddle6/20/2000, 2:11 pm
BCU Weekend6/20/2000, 12:26 pm
Advice for absolute beginners6/19/2000, 6:39 am
wnated: paddlers for Lake Superior trip6/18/2000, 11:29 am
Has anyone paddled Crete?6/16/2000, 3:10 pm
Tropical Sea Kayaking trips for beginners?6/14/2000, 4:40 pm
wildlife encounters6/14/2000, 2:37 pm
rolling kid6/11/2000, 7:07 am
Disappointment and Elation6/10/2000, 8:50 pm
alaska6/9/2000, 9:44 am
kayaking clubs in north carolina6/8/2000, 12:55 pm
No Octane Regatta6/7/2000, 4:21 pm
A little paddle down the Swan River *Pic*6/2/2000, 4:16 pm
Trip Suggestions in Michigan?6/1/2000, 5:29 pm
Great Memorial Day weekend5/31/2000, 6:05 pm
Bay of Fundy5/29/2000, 9:07 am
Boston in September5/29/2000, 2:39 am
Birthday and Maiden Voyage *Pic*5/25/2000, 7:09 pm
Isle Royale5/25/2000, 12:57 pm
Island Canoe North Puget Sound Chart?5/18/2000, 11:17 pm
Ideas on trips in the San Juans and B.C. Coast5/16/2000, 12:49 am
Spanked in the Whitewater5/14/2000, 2:23 pm
Success All Around5/14/2000, 1:20 pm
Cuba Kayaking5/9/2000, 10:41 am
My 19 mile race5/8/2000, 2:45 pm
Kayak Man5/7/2000, 9:10 pm
Info on paddling the Stanislaus River, CA5/7/2000, 3:22 pm
Adirondak Paddlefest 20005/5/2000, 7:38 pm
And Now I know *Pic*5/2/2000, 8:33 pm
Hello all5/2/2000, 12:18 pm
Tolmie State Park to Nisqually River Delta *Pic*4/26/2000, 2:36 am
First Solo Paddle (I think I'm hooked!)4/25/2000, 12:48 am
Outter Banks NC Surf Kayaking4/24/2000, 3:30 pm
Sunrise Service4/23/2000, 2:57 pm
Moonless Night4/22/2000, 1:56 pm
Hey, Nick . . .4/22/2000, 10:11 am
not exactly a kayak trip but4/17/2000, 9:47 pm
Whales off P'town, Cape Cod, Mass4/16/2000, 5:46 pm
South Puget Sound Kayak Club Trip April 22nd4/15/2000, 4:52 pm
Mothership kayaking??4/10/2000, 4:27 pm
Lake Quinalt event4/10/2000, 12:09 am
Current Design's Solstice GTS4/9/2000, 7:52 pm
Intense Practice4/9/2000, 2:15 pm
BAJA paddle4/9/2000, 12:29 pm
Port Townsend4/6/2000, 5:29 pm
Virginia eastern shore4/4/2000, 10:05 pm
Need recomendations for Baltimore / DC area ...4/3/2000, 9:00 pm
Not-All-In4/2/2000, 12:15 pm
Slocan Lake4/1/2000, 10:57 am
Seattle to San Francisco4/1/2000, 12:01 am
STOLEN KAYAK!!!! Seaward Quest, Red 19' - Marin CA3/31/2000, 9:37 pm
Car Top Carrier w/ Gutter Clamps3/31/2000, 10:45 am
Winter Paddling with Summer Weather (sunset photo)3/30/2000, 6:08 pm
1st trip of the SSWSKC3/29/2000, 2:38 pm
Practice makes Perfect3/27/2000, 7:46 pm
Slow Learner3/27/2000, 1:03 pm
island-hopping at Denmark3/24/2000, 1:14 pm
kind of a trip on Harness Creek3/21/2000, 10:04 pm
Kayaking secrets3/21/2000, 7:51 pm
Ontario - Need Ideas for 1 wk trip3/20/2000, 10:12 pm
Marshall Hall3/19/2000, 2:40 pm
KayakFest3/17/2000, 1:59 am
Boulders of the Occoquan3/14/2000, 8:18 pm
LAKE POWELL ANYONE ?3/13/2000, 5:42 pm
Lake Jocassee on Oct 16-19 MAKE PLANS!!3/10/2000, 11:41 pm
far from alone, from technique bb3/9/2000, 1:44 pm
Lake Quinault3/8/2000, 12:55 pm
Cold water, warm spaghetti, and a different pace3/6/2000, 2:17 pm
Kingdome Kaboom and Kayak3/6/2000, 1:33 am
LK Sammamish to Sound in Seattle?3/5/2000, 7:37 pm
Holding Water Bottles3/5/2000, 1:39 pm
Tundra Swans3/4/2000, 4:51 pm
Inside Passage info?3/2/2000, 8:35 pm
Outer banks of N.C.2/25/2000, 8:20 pm
Kayaking Lake Superior2/25/2000, 10:12 am
Need Information!2/21/2000, 10:40 am
NASA's new radar images......2/20/2000, 12:16 am
SeaKayak camping Queen Charlotte Islands2/16/2000, 11:30 pm
Morning Paddles and Sunrises2/15/2000, 11:28 am
Roanoke Island2/14/2000, 8:45 pm
Kayaks and Environmental Research-Wetlands2/14/2000, 8:37 pm
Kids and Kayaking2/14/2000, 8:22 pm
Cold, Cold Hands2/14/2000, 6:48 pm
first trip2/9/2000, 10:25 am
molokai challange2/7/2000, 10:37 pm
Catalina Island2/6/2000, 7:11 pm
Sea Kayaking in Portugal2/4/2000, 1:07 am
Kayaking in Guam, Palau, Pohnpei and Majuro2/1/2000, 8:06 pm
sea kayaking trip2/1/2000, 11:37 am
Splish Splash Swim1/28/2000, 11:56 am
Info on kayaking in Muleje, Baja or environs?1/28/2000, 4:04 am
kayak trip on the st. johns river1/26/2000, 2:06 am
Test 21/24/2000, 10:25 am
Kayaking in Cancun1/21/2000, 2:16 am
Lake Superior Provincial Park1/20/2000, 3:14 pm
kayaking in Greenland (Tasermiut Fiord)1/19/2000, 9:51 am
lunar eclipse1/18/2000, 9:07 pm
Exuma Land & Sea Park1/12/2000, 9:11 pm
Cold Water Workshop1/12/2000, 7:08 pm
Pohick Bay1/11/2000, 5:08 pm
Happy New Year1/11/2000, 5:06 pm
Kayak Paddles1/9/2000, 12:24 pm
Around the world paddlers1/8/2000, 7:58 am
trip on 01/10/991/7/2000, 4:02 pm
trip report for 1/3/991/6/2000, 8:46 pm
Youth friendly whitewater paddling trips1/6/2000, 7:06 pm
trip on 12/31/981/5/2000, 4:57 pm
Everglades1/3/2000, 12:06 pm
Millennial paddle1/1/2000, 10:33 pm
Lake Huron North Channel12/31/1999, 8:21 pm
Oregon Coast12/30/1999, 11:29 pm
Want to Extend a ....12/30/1999, 7:44 pm
Sea Kayaking in Costa Rica12/30/1999, 1:20 am
The end (of year one)12/26/1999, 11:39 am
Sea Kayaking in the Galapagos Islands12/26/1999, 10:26 am
Hot Spot?12/24/1999, 11:45 am
Christmas Eve12/24/1999, 11:29 am
Kayaking while Traveling12/20/1999, 11:16 pm
Racing Dusk12/20/1999, 7:26 pm
Pomonkey Creek12/13/1999, 5:04 pm
Kayak Fishing12/11/1999, 10:48 pm
Eagle Watching12/5/1999, 9:04 pm
Skimming the shore12/5/1999, 11:10 am
Greenland sculling brace12/4/1999, 6:02 pm
florida keys campsite info12/2/1999, 3:44 pm
Tropical Trip12/2/1999, 12:46 pm
Baltimore Harbor11/28/1999, 9:38 am
Amazing clarity11/27/1999, 9:44 am
Skills Practice11/26/1999, 8:10 pm
in the boat11/24/1999, 7:32 pm
ADMIN! Re: SPAM Will be Deleted Immediately 11/23/1999, 10:30 am
The 600th Mile11/22/1999, 8:11 pm
Marumsco Creek11/21/1999, 9:21 am
Leonid11/20/1999, 7:17 am
Paddling/Serive Trip in Baja11/13/1999, 1:52 pm
Veteran's Day - A Paddle on a National Disgrace11/12/1999, 9:01 pm
Wind, AND Waves!11/12/1999, 4:30 pm
Northern Lake Huron Paddling Resorts?11/12/1999, 12:05 pm
New Type Folding Canoe/Kayak Will Appear11/12/1999, 7:42 am
God can cook11/11/1999, 9:02 pm
Hunters!11/11/1999, 4:18 pm
baja kayaking tours11/11/1999, 12:12 am
Looking to buy!!11/8/1999, 10:36 pm
Interested in paddling part of lake ontario?11/5/1999, 10:56 am
Save the Whale10/30/1999, 4:37 pm
Whale Watching....10/21/1999, 8:14 pm
The 500th Mile10/9/1999, 5:26 pm
Compass Question6/16/1999, 12:34 pm
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