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Stone Lagoon

Friday night thru Sunday we three families, a couple and my brother occupied Stone Lagoon campground. When I saw the seemingly impossible pile of gear to be transported via canoe and kayak to the campground I knew it was going to be a good day for excercise. It turned out the easiest way to deal with the tonnage was to pile it into my flat sterned scow of a canoe and tow it with my kayak, in two trips. But hey, it was boat camping with firewood and lawn chairs. I was anxious to get it done as I still needed to ferry people before the predictable afternoon winds.

Stone Lagoon campground is part of the Humboldt Lagoons State Park and is located across from hwy 101 in Northern California. The campground has six boat in sites located above a cove on the Western Shore of the Lagoon. The sites are well separated from each other and sheltered by Sitka Spruce and Myrtle. Other than the noise of 101, running the length of the lagoon about 3/4 mile across the water, it was very peacefull and loads of fun. The 800+ acre Lagoon offers a nice mix of Beach and marsh.

We had three kayaks and two canoes so everyone (9 adults and 7 kids) had plenty of opportunity to play. For the three 13 year olds it was their first intro into kayaks. I always enjoy watching someone discover the freedom of a one-person boat. I was particularly impressed by an 8 year old boy who navigated a new Looksha sport thru some 1-2 foot rollers that were begining to white cap in the afternoon breeze. This young paddler will be rolling before junior High.

One of the families had been completely rained out of the campground on Memorial day so we were all eyeing the overcast/drizzle on Friday with trepidation, but Saturday was dry and actually sunny with a pretty west coast sunset in the pm. (Rare for this piece of coast in July) I think we will go again in October before the Pacific High breaks down and the rains really begin.

Well the boats are washed and stored for another day.. and tommorrow, I'll be haggling w/contractors still dreaming about open water and smiling faces. markB

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