Open Water Trips

Adventures in Open Water in Small Boats

10 pictures *LINK* *Pic*

I am not very active on Flickr, nevertheless, I have posted about 250 pictures there. Recently, Flickr implemented stats. It means that photographers can keep track of which images are most popular, what their viewers are looking for and where they’re coming from.

So, I posted 10 mostly viewed pictures from my Flickr photostream:

Most of these 10 pictures are related to paddling. Sisson Nuclues kayak appears in 5 of them, WSBS Thunderbolt kayak and Spencer X-treme are in single pictures. All photos contain water in some form, even if it is tea in a cup. I believe that 8 of them were shot with Pentax Optio W10, one with Optio WP and one with Canon EOS 10D.