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Great Salt Lake Oil Development *LINK* *Pic*

With hundreds of natural oil seeps augmented by poorly contained remnants of earlier oil explorations and water so salty that even you hair starts to grow salt crystals it is truly an inhospitable place. The oil is a low quality asphalt oil that burns your nose and almost fuses to the rubber of your shoes. The salty water approaches full saturation and turns red from the bacteria that live in it. Home to the world famous Spiral Jetty it is somewhat of a sacred place to the artist. Supporting the third largest breeding colony of White pelican in the world, it is a lifeline within our natural world. A large oil firm sees the opportunity to increase their bottom line, we are once again racing to destroy it. Not far away another mineral extraction company wants to consume a large portion of the remaining shorebird habitat to create more evaporation ponds. Ironically, if it were not for the Spiral Jetty, a creation of man itself, these developments would have gone largely unnoticed by the public.

I thought some of you may have heard about this controversial development on the Great Salt Lake and appreciate seeing some images of the area. This portion of the lake is truly like another world. It is not really a place for leisure kayaking as much as it is a place to experience through hardship. For those that are interested the link below will give you more information about the status of the development.

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Great Salt Lake Oil Development *LINK* *Pic*
Consider what has happened to Alberta's Oil Sands.