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Rob's Big River Trip Begins Anew

K, guys, I am back on the water for my river trip beginning Sunday morning. I am leaving for the put-in point early Saturday morning. Mom is driving me with the company of a good friend of mine. Apparently, I will have quite a send-off this year as there will be a family of friends coming along to see if I start off well or turn and burn. Ihave everything ready to do. Wilderness First Aid kit is refurbished, plenty of food stocks, including dehydrated stuff, pemmican, fruit bars, multivitamins, 12 Guinness (might pick up more later- its a meal in a can), new two man tent so I can sit up, cook stove, voice recorder so that I can say it instead of write it during the paddling day, camera equipment including a selection of lenses, GPS, aeronautical maps, Sweetwater filtration system, my big knife, lots of ebar bangers, new flares that will work better than those damned pen-launcher things, and a whole range of other nick-nacks including pencil and paper for emergency situations, small collapsable spade, dependable new watertight flashlight, plenty of spare batteries...uhm, fishing rod with hooks and leads...(what else?) Aquabound CF paddle (210 cms), spare paddle (either wing or my old repaired Gray Owl thingy)...all the emergency kayak stuff including paddle float, rescue rope, strobe, pfd, so much more.

Mom is worried about me but told me today that she knows I am fairly capable except where rapids might be concerned. I don't understand that kind of thinking but I'll talk to her about it when I get back. The VJ is completely repaired and ready to go.

See ya'll on the flip side. See you soon, Ken and Bryan.

Robert N Pruden

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Rob's Big River Trip Begins Anew
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