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Saskatchewan River Trip Completed

Hey, y'all,

I completed my big river trip to the end of the good old Saskatchewan River last Wednesday afternoon. Yep, there were many boring sections of the trip. There were also many exciting sections as I discovered areas that I have never seen before. Wind and wave worked against me on Cedar Lake, a very fen-filled shallow wind tossed body of water at the west end or deep and picturesque on the east end. Finding my way along the Saskatchewan River after Tobin Lake was a challenge. Had I not spoke with the local fishermen and used my map and GPS on a regular basis...well, I'd still be out there crying to myself in the wilderness as I discovered that I had run to the end of another dead end again. That section of the trip was the most worrisome for me: getting lost was too easy to do because the river broke up into a myriad of dead end channels.

I will do up a proper trip report when I get home (still in Winnipeg). I took hundreds of pictures but you will see only a small fraction of them. The river from Edmonton to Cedar Lake does not change much except become significantly more volumous.

Next year or the next I will be doing the last stretch of this river journey: Grand Rapids (Lake Winnipeg) to Churchill (Hudson Bay).

Robert N Pruden