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Kavu Strapcaps

Hello everyone from grey and gloomy England!

We're coming over to Canada for our biennial month of paddling, hiking and fly-fishing at the end of July. Usually we start off in Vancouver but this time we're going straight to Calgary.

I like to get at least one Kavu strapcap when I'm in Vancouver as they're more or less bombproof in our damp and odious climate (I'm an archaeologist, university tutor, hill-walking leader and Scout Leader so lots and lots of outdoors...) and I can normally find a shop in lower BC that does them.

Does anyone know of a Kavu dealer who will post a couple to me to where we're staying in Alberta? I've looked at Kavu's own site and it's not exactly very helpful.

Many thanks


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Kavu Strapcaps
Filson's are excellent, too! *LINK*