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Water Leaks in Perception Eclipse Airlite

I am having problems with my Perception Sea Kayak Eclipse 17.0 Airalite purchased in 2006. It seems that it has developed a leak that allows aprox. 3-4 gallons of waters every 15-20 minutes of paddling even in flat water . I took it to where I had previously purchased the kayak and we filled the hatches with water but could not locate any leak. I have thoroughly visually inspected the hull but can not find any holes or scratches deep enough to cause such an infusion of water. Where I purchased the kayak they recommended that I take it to a place that specializes in maritime PVC repairs in which they have a machine that runs a electrical current through the unit and can locate any leaks which they can then repair. They reported to me that upon analysis of the data, they can not find any actual breaches in the hull but because of very strange readings from the electrical pulse generator they suspect the water is literally migrating systemically through the base of the hull as osmosis .Has anyone had any experience with this issue?

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Water Leaks in Perception Eclipse Airlite
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