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Broken Group Islands *LINK* *Pic*

Broken Group Islands

The thought of a 1,000 mile drive is pretty intimidating but we decided it was time to shake of the desert dust and see this place everyone talks about. With 4 kayaks on top and 4 people inside we were very noticeable on the highway as we escaped the desert heat for a nice cool week in the Broken Group. We were paddling out on the same day Dan was paddling in and I will keep my text short as our experiences were very similar except we saw far fewer people. The other paddlers we did meet were very enjoyable. It was a trip of a lifetime for all of us. Scott Campbell, Dave Kemp, Kent Bell and Scott Baxter made up the group. Scott C. combined our photos and put the attached slide show together, the pictures tell the story much better than I could. Just click on the thumbnail to download the show and then click on the show thumbnail to start the show.