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What kayakers with bad shoulders do *LINK*

My shoulder has kept me from paddling for a few weeks so I decided to take a 3 day weekend with my wife and return to my birthplace. It was fun to see the Teton mountains I used to climb and the river where I learned my love for paddling and where I worked as a guide to get through collage. The fall foliage was spectacular. Mule deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Antelope, and otter were plentiful, as were photographers. The real treasure is after 30 years my favorite place to photograph elk is still largely unknown. Not that I don't think photographers should be able to freely use public lands, but I sure liked having a morning that was almost uninterrupted working wild elk. After a couple hours of reliving my late teenage years another photographer found my location and the elk were all gone in a matter of minutes. He would have had a hard time sneaking up on a rock but he was thrilled with the experience all the same. For being an overcast and rainy weekend it turned out very nice. Just click on the Tetons thumbnail, it may need to download an executable file to play the video.