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Adventures in Open Water in Small Boats

aggressive beginer

I am probably a fool but what the heck, my life is terminal and I want to sea kayak. In April I am headed to Ketchikan to feed some imprinting salmon and will be living on a float in a remote bay near Misty Fjords. I have decided to get a sea kayak and spend the month learning how and after that possibly cruising the Fjords if I feel comfortable.

My experience is with white water here in the Rocky Mountains. My rodeo rolls are solid and I hope that translates to the sea. Anyone know? I am reading a book on sea kayaking and looking for a good video. My remote location in Taos prevents me from trying out boats. Hopefully I can find something on craigslist along the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Ketchican that will suffice for my inagural season.

Anyone have any advice on videos, boats and gear for a newbie that will likely spend a solid two months in a kayak, the first next to a float and the second cruising the Misty Fjords? I am 37 years old, 6'1", 175 lbs, have really light camping gear, eat fish, and am in excellent shape. Please help by being a friend to this friend in need of experienced insights.